How Allergies Can Affect You Long-Term

May 19, 2017


Allergies may not seem like a significant illness that needs immediate treatment, but ignoring your symptoms can have serious, long-lasting effects. If left untreated, allergies can greatly affect your quality of life; you may suffer from increased risk of health problems, decreased brain function and even mood instability. Early treatment is key to avoiding allergy-related health problems later down the road, and American Family Care has just what you need to make it through allergy season unscathed.

Increased Health Risks

Allergies are much more than a minor inconvenience; studies have shown that untreated allergies can contribute to a plethora of chronic illnesses including asthma, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, ear infections and general susceptibility to illness. Allergens frequently cause nasal and sinus passages to become irritated and swollen. When this occurs, your body cannot effectively drain fluids which may ultimately lead to an infection. Constantly fighting off sickness can be exhausting and lead to a lifetime of costly doctor visits and possibly even hospital stays.

The health risks are amplified even further if you have asthma. Approximately 70 percent of people with asthma also have allergies. The combination of allergies and asthma can cause extreme wheezing, shortness of breath, a tight feeling in the chest, and may even trigger an asthma attack, which can be a very serious and traumatic event.

Trouble Sleeping and Decreased Brain Function

Allergies also tend to negatively affect your sleep. Disrupted sleep is a huge contributing factor to a general decrease in brain focus, so get treated early! Neglecting your health can leave you struggling to focus. Being in a constant state of mind-fog is exhausting and may ultimately be detrimental to your success in school and work.

It has been found that on average, an allergy sufferer can lose 2.3 hours of productivity each day that they are symptomatic. In a 40-hour work week, that equates to 11.5 hours of wasted time; that’s almost 30 percent of your time down the drain. With so much unproductivity, bosses and teachers are sure to take notice. Early treatment of allergies can help keep you alert, focused and on the path to success.

Mood Instability

Constantly dealing with allergies can be mentally damaging. It’s not uncommon for those who suffer from long-term, untreated allergies to see drastic changes in their mood. Irritability, mood swings, impulsivity, rapid changes in attitude and hostility may all develop as a result of the prolonged stress of untreated allergies.

Save your health, money and quality of life by seeking allergy treatment early. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go through the hassle of making an appointment with your general physician to get the help you need; AFC centers have the equipment, tools and staff necessary to treat your allergies. With on-site lab equipment, AFC can help identify the source of your allergic reaction and provide you with the appropriate treatment. The qualified staff is also happy to provide you with medical information that could help you to better understand your allergy symptoms – including how to better protect yourself from a reaction in the future! To find an AFC near you, visit


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