Can You Get Sick Multiple Times In A Row?

January 31, 2024

Do you ever feel like you just shook off an illness, only to feel the beginning symptoms come back again? Being sick is no fun, especially when symptoms seem to reappear as soon as you start feeling better. Learn about what can cause illness symptoms to come and go, and whether it’s possible to get sick multiple times in a row. Visit AFC Urgent Care West Long Branch for same-day illness care with no appointment needed in West Long Branch, NJ.

Common Winter Illnesses

Illnesses are incredibly prevalent during the colder winter months. This is because we often find ourselves forced to spend more time indoors, near other people. Without open-air circulation, illnesses can spread easily from person to person through tiny droplets released when people talk, sneeze, or cough. Similarly, when indoors, we touch more common surfaces such as doorknobs, which exposes us to pick up germs that can make us sick.

Viral infections are highly contagious, and the most common type of illness seen during the winter months. If you have a viral infection, you likely won’t experience symptoms for the first 1-3 days and can spread your illness unknowingly to others. Viral infections include both the cold and the flu, along with norovirus, COVID-19, and RSV. Although viral infections are common, your body usually builds up immunity to a virus once you are infected with it. This means that you are unlikely to get the same virus twice in a row. However, you can still suffer from a second viral infection after being sick.

Environmental Irritants That Can Cause Illness Symptoms

If you were just sick, but think you may be experiencing illness symptoms again, it is possible that your symptoms aren’t caused by contracting a new illness. Instead, you may be suffering from exposure to environmental irritants. Although you may have contracted a new illness, various environmental factors can cause symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of a viral infection.

During the winter months, the weather is often cold and very dry. Repeated exposure to cold and dry air can irritate your respiratory tract and sinuses. Breathing in dry and cold air can cause you to cough, as your lungs are reacting to the irritation. Similarly, your nose can swell in cold air which can cause a runny nose, sneezing, or even congestion. The use of indoor heating can cause dry conditions that cause you to wake up with symptoms such as a sore throat, which also is a common minor illness symptom.

Visit AFC Urgent Care West Long Branch For Same-Day Illness Diagnosis & Treatment

If you’re struggling to shake your illness symptoms or feel like they keep coming back, AFC Urgent Care West Long Branch can help. Our clinic offers same-day illness diagnosis and treatment seven days a week. We never require you to schedule an appointment to receive prompt medical care at our clinic. Simply walk in when it’s convenient for you, or schedule an appointment online in advance.

When you visit AFC Urgent Care West Long Branch for illness care, your medical provider will evaluate your symptoms and conduct the necessary diagnostic testing using our on-site laboratory. Based on the results, your medical provider will suggest a treatment plan to ensure a fast recovery. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we keep our wait times short. When you’re suffering from persistent illness symptoms, visit AFC Urgent Care West Long Branch for treatment. For additional information regarding our clinic, contact us directly by calling 732-222-8000.

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