Avoid the Wait for Your Primary Care Physician

April 24, 2017


Visit AFC Urgent Care West Long Branch for Your Seasonal Allergy Needs

With allergy season upon us, it can be tempting to schedule a visit with your primary care physician to find some relief. Unfortunately, trying to set up a doctor’s visit can result in a logistical nightmare as you struggle to schedule a timely appointment that fits in your busy schedule. You can avoid the hassle by visiting an American Family Care (AFC) location. AFC is your local urgent care, family care and walk-in clinic designed to provide relief for minor sicknesses, wounds and of course, seasonal allergies.

It can take days or sometimes weeks to book an appointment with your primary care physician; for many allergy sufferers, that’s far too long. At AFC, there is no need to make an appointment – walk-ins are always welcome! In addition to avoiding the headache of making an appointment, patients at AFC can cut down on their wait time as well. At primary care offices, it’s not uncommon to be kept waiting amongst sick patients in germy waiting rooms for long stretches of time. At AFC, patients are typically seen within a half an hour of checking in.

If expenses are a concern, no need to worry. AFC is an affordable, convenient and reliable option for those with a jam-packed schedule who just want some relief from their spring allergies.

When considering where to go for treatment for your allergies, more than likely the emergency room isn’t ideal. There are several reasons why the emergency room won’t be the best option for treating your seasonal allergies. In some cases, as when an allergy-sufferer is going into anaphylactic shock, an emergency room is appropriate, but most allergies can be tended to in an urgent care facility.

Emergency rooms are notoriously overcrowded and uncomfortable places. It’s not uncommon for patients with “lower priority” sicknesses to wind up waiting to be seen for hours on end. In addition to saving you time and money, choosing to visit an urgent care over an emergency room will help free up hospital resources. By reducing the number of patients in an emergency waiting room, doctors and nurses can tend to those patients who have more serious injuries or illnesses. Avoid the stressful wait and stop by an AFC location near you to be treated promptly.

When visiting an AFC location, you can feel confident that you will be well-attended to. AFC is committed to providing the best possible healthcare in a kind, nurturing atmosphere. Patients are always treated with respect and seen by a physician as soon as possible. By taking measures to keep patients from spending hours wasting away in cramped waiting rooms, AFC is able to ensure patients can wait in comfort.  You can rest easy knowing that every AFC location is fully staffed with qualified medical professionals, eager to help you feel better, faster.


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