Can Antibiotics Be Dangerous for Seniors?

October 15, 2022

Antibiotics are a wonderful tool used to reduce the amount of complications from infection and the potential for death. This includes all people, especially vulnerable populations like the elderly! However, antibiotics are only helpful against bacterial infections, so it is important to know what illness you are suffering from in order to seek the proper treatment. Visit us at AFC Urgent Care Hickory to start the process toward an antibiotic prescription, and check out our ...

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What Does Vertigo Feel Like?

October 3, 2022

Vertigo is not just a spell of dizziness. When you have vertigo, your world seems to continually spin or is constantly in motion around you. It can be debilitating and can create significant struggles in your daily life. Vertigo itself isn’t a disease, rather, it is a symptom stemming from a variety of conditions. It is relatively common, affecting about 40% of Americans at least once during their lifetimes. Our team at AFC Urgent ...

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