Can Antibiotics Be Dangerous for Seniors?

October 15, 2022

Can Antibiotics Be Dangerous for Seniors?

Antibiotics are a wonderful tool used to reduce the amount of complications from infection and the potential for death. This includes all people, especially vulnerable populations like the elderly!

However, antibiotics are only helpful against bacterial infections, so it is important to know what illness you are suffering from in order to seek the proper treatment. Visit us at AFC Urgent Care Hickory to start the process toward an antibiotic prescription, and check out our latest blog post about antibiotics below.

Are Infections More Dangerous the Older You Get?

As you age, your immune system likely changes and can become weaker. That makes you more vulnerable to different illnesses, including bacterial infections!

If you do end up with an infection, your body may also have a harder time fighting it off. This can lead to more complications or chronic issues down the road. Some infections that can benefit from a round of antibiotics are listed below.

Infections Where Antibiotics Can Help

  • UTI (urinary tract infection)
  • Skin infections like MRSA
  • Ear or sinus infections
  • Bacterial pneumonias

Can Antibiotics Be Overprescribed?

They can be! Most of the time when people are prescribed antibiotics, it is because they are experiencing unpleasant symptoms and know that they have something going on. Other times, they are prescribed as an act of caution if bacteria are found during a routine procedure or after surgery.

Whenever antibiotics are taken when they aren’t necessary to your health, you could be contributing to the problem of antibiotics resistance. If this happens enough, common bacterial infections that we get will no longer be able to be handled by the very antibiotics that were developed to tackle them.

Using Antibiotics Responsibly

  • Fully understand how antibiotics will interact with any other prescribed drugs.
  • Take your prescription in full.
  • Only take antibiotics if they were prescribed specifically for you.
  • Visit with your care team before taking any medication.

Antibiotics are a great tool when used appropriately! If you think you need a prescription for an infection you have, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Hickory.

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