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Tick Bite Treatment

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Tick Bite Treatment

Tick Bite Treatment in Duncan, SC

AFC Urgent Care Located at 1667 E. Main Street Duncan, SC 29334 Is Open 8am – 8pm Mon – Fri and 8am – 5pm Sat – Sun. Our Walk-in Clinic Doctors and Medical Professionals Can Remove Ticks and Treat Infections. Call (864) 485-2610.

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Many people assume there is no risk from ticks if they spend their time in their backyards and not in the rural areas around Duncan, SC. Unfortunately, bites from ticks can happen as easily in your yard as it could in the woods. Bites from these small, brown insects are irritating and painful. They also carry with them additional health risks: several tick borne diseases and illnesses that can infect humans and animals, including your pets.

Although ticks can present a danger to your health, you can still enjoy some outdoor fun this summer if you follow some simple guidelines. You can protect your health and the health of your family without scaling back your outdoor activities. There are easy ways to reduce your risk of being exposed to some of the severe illnesses ticks carry, like Lyme Disease.

The board-certified physicians at AFC Urgent Care Duncan know the telltale signs of a tick bite and can quickly identify one when they examine you. Our experienced staff can also remove the tick if it has latched onto your skin and treat you if we see signs of additional infection. To confirm our diagnosis, we employ an onsite, state of the art lab.

Need some additional guidance on how to protect your health while spending time outside? You need not let ticks damper your summer plans. We’ve put together a little guide below to help keep you safe from tick bites.

Where do ticks live?

You will find ticks in moist, outdoor areas. They enjoy tall grass, shrubs, and leaves the most. Be mindful of these pests if you find yourself walking through these areas this summer.

Preventing tick bites

You could avoid tick bites by never stepping foot outside, but that would make enjoying the outdoors impossible. Coat your clothing with a chemical called permethrin. Ticks are killed on contact with this chemical, and it is very effective at keeping ticks off of your clothes.

For exposed skin, look for repellents that contain DEET. If you are sweating a lot for an extended period outside, reapply the repellent to your skin to ensure continued protection.

After you come in from any outdoor activities, check your body and clothes for any ticks you may have brought in with you. Asking a friend to help or using a mirror can ensure none of these pests have snuck into your house. You should also shower to wash off any ticks you may have missed and also to remove the chemicals of any bug spray.

Checking for ticks

It isn’t hard to check for ticks, but you must be very thorough. These tiny pests can be easily missed if you aren’t careful. Check your clothes first, then your body. Ticks love to sneak around and hide in your underarms and your hair. Be extra mindful in these areas and double check them.

I think a tick has bitten me, what should I do?

Despite how careful you are, there is still a chance you might find a tick on your body. Don’t panic. It’s not uncommon to come across one during the summer. If this pest has latched onto your skin, take great care to remove it. Use a pair of tweezers to pull its body in a slow, twisting motion. Do not leave any parts of the tick behind in your skin.

If you don’t feel like you can remove the tick yourself or pieces have been left behind in your skin, come to AFC Urgent Care Duncan today! If any part of the tick is left behind, you are risking a possible infection or other acute illness.

After a tick is removed from your skin, watch the area of the bite for any signs of an infection. If you think a rash is developing where you have been bitten, this is usually a sign that something is not right. Come to our walk-in urgent care center for additional evaluation and testing. No appointment is needed to get evaluated by one of our doctors.

AFC Urgent Care Duncan is located at 1667 E. Main Street Duncan, SC 29334. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm. Call our friendly staff at (864) 485-2610 if you have any other additional questions about ticks or the services we offer.

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