Seasonal Allergy Treatment in Cheltenham & North Philadelphia, PA

Allergies can affect you throughout the year, from the first dusting of pollen in the spring to higher exposure to indoor dust and mold in the fall and winter. If your symptoms are bothersome and show no sign of slowing down, visit AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham for quick relief and management.

Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham is equipped to treat non-life-threatening allergic reactions, which may involve the following:

  • Itchy, watering and swollen eyes
  • Chest and throat congestion
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Headache
  • Post-nasal drip

Open seven days a week, our team is always available to help you get relief from non-life-threatening symptoms. If you begin to exhibit life-threatening symptoms, you should go to the local emergency room immediately. Some ways you can reduce exposure to allergy triggers include:

  • Checking pollen count before leaving the house
  • Wearing a pollen mask when you need to be outside
  • Refrain from hanging your laundry outside or staying in exposed clothes for long periods of time
  • Avoid going outside on dry, windy days or spending too much time in dark, moist rooms like basements

Seasonal Allergy Treatment in Cheltenham, PA

If you need relief from seasonal allergies, visit AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham today! We will be able to treat your symptoms and help develop a plan to manage them. Walk-in patients are welcomed and most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions, please call 267-436-0322.