Digital X-Rays in Cheltenham, PA

Many internal injuries may not exhibit outward symptoms, or may not be easily diagnosable through a quick and simple visual examination. Certain types of imaging tests, including digital X-Rays, can be performed to get a better look at what’s going inside of your body, pinpointing the exact cause of your pain and determining the best course of treatment for your needs. AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham has a fully digital, on-site radiology department, allowing us to give you the care you need after sustaining an injury.

Benefits of Digital Radiology

Traditional X-Ray films have been around for years, but have their drawbacks. In addition to long wait times between seeing a physician, getting films taken and waiting for them to be developed, traditional radiology requires the use of higher levels of radiation which can be dangerous. Digital images can be taken and processed in under two minutes and use lower levels of radiation. Digital films also give you the option to zoom in and out, allowing for a more thorough diagnosis of the whole injury. Film X-Rays come out in large sheets, which can be difficult to transport and keep track of if you need to visit a specialist for further consultation. Digital images can be put on a convenient flash drive, making it easily transportable and transferrable for your medical needs.

Types of Injuries & Conditions Diagnosed with X-Rays

Injuries can occur at any time through falls, trips, car accidents and sports accidents, among other causes. Many injuries can be diagnosed through X-Rays, including:

  • Sprains
  • Fractures and bone breaks
  • Joint damage and injuries

Digital X-Rays in Cheltenham, Cheltenham & North Philadelphia

If you sustain and injury and are experiencing pain, visit AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham for walk-in diagnosis and treatment. Most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions, please call 267-436-0322.