Why Are Antibiotics So Important?

October 15, 2022

Why Are Antibiotics So Important?

There have been some world-changing inventions over the years, including the wheel, the internet and the telephone. We would also classify the development of antibiotics into that category.

Due to their development, the risk of serious complications and death due to a bacterial infection has gone down drastically. It is usually no longer a threat to your life to come down with a simple infection. Thanks, modern medicine!

We are grateful to have this resource at our disposal, but antibiotics have to be used appropriately in order to be effective in the long-term. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road explains responsible antibiotic use below.

How Do Antibiotics Make You Feel Better?

A prescription of antibiotics is typically seven to 14 days and will come with specific instructions on when to take them and how often. Follow these directions exactly as they are given!

Antibiotics were developed to go after the bacteria in your body by either stalling its growth or killing it off. They are an incredibly effective tool, but only when the entire prescription is used. If you don’t take each dose, it may cause your infection to come back.

Infections Treated By Antibiotics

  • UTI (urinary tract infection)
  • Strep throat
  • Ear or sinus infections
  • Bacterial pneumonias

Why Does Antibiotic Resistance Exist?

Ever since antibiotics have been developed, antibiotic resistance has slowly been building. Certain bacteria can become resistant to treatment, whether it be through evolution or improper antibiotic use. If there is any bacteria left in your body, someone else could be infected by that same bacteria and that same antibiotic that treated you will not work on them.

It sounds like a pretty serious problem, right? This is why it is critical to follow all directions given by your medical provider and only use antibiotics when necessary.

Safer Antibiotic Use

  • Only take the antibiotics that were prescribed to you.
  • Do not search through your friend’s medicine cabinet for their old prescriptions.
  • Take the entire prescription, even if you no longer have any symptoms.

Antibiotics are a great tool when used appropriately! If you think you need a prescription for an infection you have, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road.

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