Why Am I Dealing With Allergies This Fall?

October 15, 2020

Why Am I Dealing With Allergies This Fall?- AFC Urgent Care

Sneezing and dealing with a runny nose can be so annoying. It’s especially annoying to be dealing with your sinuses while everyone else you know is having the time of their lives during the fall.

So what can you do to get rid of those dumb allergy symptoms and enjoy what the fall has to offer? Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Monroe Rd. gives you some advice.

What’s Causing My Allergies?

Odds are that your runny nose and constant sneezes are caused by ragweed and mold. While spring allergies are usually caused by lots of floating tree and flower pollens, weeds and molds are much more prevalent in the autumn.

What makes fall allergies tough to wrangle is the fact that ragweed can pollinate for a maximum of 400 miles. So even if you typically keep your yard weed-free, it doesn’t really matter.

How to Maintain Your Yard to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

  • Rake and dispose of dead leaves. Mold grows in dark, damp places, so there’s a good chance of it growing in the bottom of a leaf pile if it’s not taken care of quickly.
  • Pull weeds in your flower beds. Yes, weeds pollinate for hundreds of miles, but it doesn’t hurt to eliminate their growth right outside your door.

How Can I Stop My Allergy Symptoms?

Taking over-the-counter antihistamines usually offers the fastest acting allergy relief. When your immune system is irritated, your body releases histamines to combat the irritation. Even though your body means well, hen the histamines are released, it causes swelling in your nose and sinuses.

Taking antihistamines can lessen the swelling and provide a little relief. The longest-lasting allergy reducers are more lifestyle-related, though, and they are listed below.

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Lessen Allergy Symptoms

  • Vacuum and dust inside your home to eliminate floating allergens.
  • Be aware of the pollen count outside. If it’s really high, decrease your time spent outdoors.
  • Bathe more often. Increased bathing washes lingering pollens off your body.
  • If you can’t get allergy relief, consider taking allergy shots. Ask your doctor for more info.

We’re excited to be bringing affordable, high-quality care to our community! AFC Urgent Care Monroe Rd. is coming soon.

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