What Can I Do About My Sciatic Pain?

September 15, 2022

What Can I Do About My Sciatic Pain?

If you wake up one morning with a familiar burning or shooting pain in your lower back, you are probably experiencing a flare-up of sciatica. The pain and discomfort is well-known, and it can affect your daily life for a while until it goes away.

Most cases of sciatica don’t last too long and will eventually fade away after a week or two, but even that can seem like a long time when you are in pain! If you are looking for a few quick ideas of how to relieve your pain, our AFC Urgent Care Monroe Rd. team gives us some tips below.

Where Does Sciatica Come From?

Sciatica is a reaction to a pinch or compression along your sciatic nerve. That nerve runs all the way from your lower back and down into your legs. Most commonly, the pain is due to a herniated or slipped disk, and the resulting pain can be intense.

When you are feeling this discomfort, the last thing you may want to do is stay active. However, exercise can help relieve your symptoms! It can take off some of the pressure and give your body a much-needed stretch. If you have an office job or are sedentary often, it is important to take frequent standing or walking breaks as well.

Groups at a Higher Risk of Sciatic Pain

  • Senior citizens
  • Those who are overweight or obese
  • People with office jobs or whom are sedentary often
  • Those who have diabetes

How Can I Stretch to Relieve Sciatic Pain?

Stretching can give you almost immediate relief from the pain and discomfort. Start with the seated forward bend, where you sit on the floor with your legs stretched out before you and reach toward your toes. Another great one is the supine twist. Lay down on the ground with your knees hugging your chest. Stretch your arms out to a “T” and lower your bent knees to one side of the floor, laying your head down in the opposite direction. Repeat these stretches often and as needed.

You can also add some yoga to your routine to help reduce your pain. Yoga pulls pressure off of your back and can support better flexibility. The pigeon pose and the cat-cow pose are both great poses to add into your practice.

When Medical Attention Is Necessary

  • You have sudden and severe pain in your low back
  • The pain follows a violent injury, like a car accident
  • You can no longer control your bladder or bowels

If you are struggling with your symptoms of sciatica or they have persisted for a week or longer, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Monroe Rd.

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