What Are the Signs of an Infection?

January 1, 2023

What Are the Signs of an Infection?

If you are feeling sick at this time of year, you are certainly not alone. There are so many illnesses around that have the potential to make you sick right now. If you do fall ill, it is important to know what is making you sick so you can receive the proper treatment.

Infections can vary widely and can cause many different symptoms. They can range from the minor common cold to severe pneumonia, so receiving a diagnosis early is crucial to avoiding serious illness. The staff at AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road explains all about infections below, so keep reading.

What Are Some Common Infections?

When you are exposed to a microbe or germ, your body can either fight it off or become infected with it. If the germ settles into your body and multiplies, you will most likely start to experience symptoms as your body works to fight it off. You can expect a sore throat, runny nose or a low-grade fever.

Common infections at this time of year can be viral or bacterial in origin! Common types include influenza, strep throat, UTIs and stomach viruses. Bacterial infections are caused by exposure to bacteria, while viral infections are due to viruses.

Exposure to Infections

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Contact with contaminated surfaces
  • Long-term contact with infected people

Can I Get an Antibiotic Prescription for an Infection?

Not always! Unfortunately, viral infections like influenza do not respond to antibiotics, so that is why it is important to receive a proper diagnosis. Come see us at the onset of your symptoms, and we can help determine what illness you have.

If we decide you are experiencing a bacterial infection, we have good news! Antibiotics work great against bacterial infections and can help you feel better in a matter of days. Just be sure to take the entire prescription. If you are experiencing a viral infection, we can help support your recovery through some OTC medication recommendations and encouraging plenty of rest. We hope you feel better soon!

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle This Season

  • Avoid people who are sick.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • Stay up to date on the recommended vaccination schedule.
  • Eat well and get plenty of rest.

Are you feeling ill? Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road for a diagnosis and treatment plan today.

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