Can I Prevent Getting Sunburned This Summer?

May 15, 2023

Can I Prevent Getting Sunburned This Summer?

A warm summer‘s on its way to the Hickory community, and we can’t be more excited! There is always so much to do and wonderful weather to enjoy in the summertime around here.

As you get ready to enjoy another summer of memories with your family, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Getting sunburnt is never fun, and even though the burn is only temporary, it is dangerous to your skin and your overall health later in life.

Our AFC Urgent Care Hickory team wants you and your family to avoid getting sunburnt this summer, so we explain how to do so below.

What Exactly Is a Sunburn?

While the sun may feel nice on your skin initially, too much exposure is not good for you. That is because the sun’s rays emit ultraviolet, or UV, light, which causes a skin reaction. The burn you receive is that reaction and can appear red and raised and be painful or sensitive to the touch.

The burn will linger for a few days while your skin heals, but there has been some damage that cannot be undone. Every sunburn you receive can permanently damage your skin cell’s DNA. This damage will eventually cause premature wrinkles and sun spots and increases your risk of developing skin cancer.

Signs of a Potential Skin Cancer Diagnosis

  • A new change to your skin, like a growth or sore
  • A changing mole
  • Skin itchiness
  • The appearance of a lump under the skin

What Are Some Reliable Ways to Stay Protected From the Sun?

You should be applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. That’s right, we said every day! You can burn during any season, even when it is cloudy outside. Get in the habit of slathering your skin up before heading outside. Your sunscreen should be reapplied throughout the day while you are outdoors, about every two hours.

Whenever you are out and about, try to find the shadiest spot that you can. If that is not possible, wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, and consider investing in UV-blocking clothing. Give your skin a sun break often and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Treating a Painful Sunburn

  • Apply a cool, wet cloth to the skin.
  • Apply aloe gel or a moisturizing lotion.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Stay out of the sun.

Sun safety is crucial throughout your life. If you are worried about a potential sign of skin cancer, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Hickory.

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