Are the Symptoms of Bronchitis and Pneumonia the Same?

February 15, 2023

Are the Symptoms of Bronchitis and Pneumonia the Same?

If you start to develop a cough throughout your day, it is not uncommon to wonder where your cough will lead. A simple cold could be on the horizon for you, or you could be in the beginning stages of a bronchitis or pneumonia infection.

Both bronchitis and pneumonia are infections that affect your upper respiratory systems and can cause severe symptoms if left untreated or unaddressed. We can help determine what type of infection you are suffering from at AFC Urgent Care Hickory, and read on to learn more about these two illnesses.

Do Bronchitis and Pneumonia Come From the Same Infection?

The symptoms of both illnesses can be similar to each other, but the location of the infection is different. For bronchitis, the infection affects the passages that bring air in and out of your lungs, called bronchial tubes. When these tubes swell up or become inflamed, a hacking or barking cough is a classic symptom to expect.

Pneumonia affects the function of the alveoli in your lungs and causes them to fill with fluid. These sacs are responsible for exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide into your blood. Since this is such an essential function, pneumonia can make it hard to breathe normally and can turn dangerous rather quickly. Pneumonia also tends to cause symptoms across your entire body, like chills, sweats or body aches.

Common Symptoms of Both Bronchitis and Pneumonia

  • Difficulty taking a full breath
  • Deep cough with mucus production
  • Chest tightness
  • Fever

Can AFC Treat Bronchitis and Pneumonia?

Since these two infections share many similarities, it is important to receive a proper diagnosis for your illness. We can help with that! Our team will do a full evaluation, take your health history and even take a few chest X-rays to determine the location of your infection.

Once we know what is causing your symptoms, we can act accordingly. Bacterial infections can often be treated by a round of antibiotics, while viral infections require symptom management strategies. In either case, keep an eye on your symptoms, rest and stay hydrated! The majority of bronchitis or pneumonia infections stay mild to moderate and you will recover within a week or so.

Signs of a Serious Infection

  • High fever that lasts for days
  • Severe chest pain
  • Blood in your mucus
  • Fatigue and confusion

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