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Immigration Physical Exams

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Immigration Physical Exams

Walk-In Clinic for Immigration Physical Exams Near Dunedin, FL

Immigration Physical in Dunedin, FL. AFC Urgent Care has USCIS Designated Civil Surgeons Who Provide Immigration Medical Exams and I-693 Form Completion. Call to Schedule An Appointment.

Walk-In Clinic for Immigration Physical Exams Near Dunedin, FL

If you are looking to make the United States your permanent place of residence, you will have to undergo an immigration physical examination. This is to ensure you don’t have any medical conditions that will require follow-up treatment, and to clarify that all your immunizations are up to date. The examination must be carried out by a civil surgeon who works for immigration. At AFC Urgent Care Dunedin, we provide low-cost immigration physicals.

Our urgent care clinic in Dunedin, Florida is allowed by federal law to conduct an immigration physical examination in order to help grant you access to live and work in the United States.

The examination itself consists of four tests:

  • The first test is a physical examination. You will be asked several questions at this point and your mental state will be assessed.
  • The second part of the immigration physical is a simple tuberculin skin test for all applicants of 2 years of age or over. This will show whether or not you have ever been exposed to the tuberculosis causing bacteria, and therefore suffered with the illness in the past. This is Routine, and everyone in the United States has had the same test done.
  • The third part of the test requires a blood sample to be taken that will determine if you have syphilis. If you are under the age of 15 then this test may not be necessary unless it is suspected that you have one of these diseases. If it is found that you are positive then you will receive counseling from the civil surgeon who conducted your blood test.
  • You will need to show proof of all previous vaccinations that you have had in the final part of this test. Normally you will be able to obtain paperwork from your current doctor for this stage to show to the civil surgeon that all your immunizations are currently up to date. However, if you cannot obtain this we will be able to test your blood to see what vaccinations you have received in the past, and administer any that you currently need to have.

AFC Urgent Care Dunedin provides full-service immigration physicals. If you would like to have your immigration physical performed, please call us at (727) 205-0641 to make an appointment.

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