Spring Allergies And High Risk Asthmatics: How To Get Relief

March 14, 2022

Woman suffering from allergies. Spring Allergies And High Risk Asthmatics by AFC Urgent Care Danbury

Spring is coming and as we’re excited to put the winter behind us, we are now heading towards a heavy allergy season. Word on the street is, with sporadic climate changes, pollen has already started blowing our way. If that itch in your nose or your eyes is starting to get to you, then it's time to prepare and avoid allergy triggers so that you can hopefully find some relief this spring and summer.

Specialists are warning that allergy season is going to be a tough one this year for high risk asthmatics and allergy sufferers. AFC Urgent Care Danbury is ready to help treat your allergy symptoms, and also help rule out COVID-19.

Did Spring Allergy Season Come Early This Year?

Spring allergies are already here. Here are just a few reasons why this allergy season may be affecting you so severely, earlier than normal:

  1. Priming Effect: The “Priming Effect” occurs when temperatures rocket up and plunge quickly in a short amount of time. Think about many weeks this winter when it’s been extremely cold in the morning, and then warm in the afternoon. The constant change in temperatures causes your body to rev up the immune system,  meaning people are hyper-sensitive to the new pollen, and in turn this causes increased sensitivity and more suffering once the allergens are released.
  2. Warm Winters: Warm certainly isn’t something you think of when talking about winter. But warmer winters are just as much a part of allergy season as other factors. 
  3. Hot Summers: Summer heat can trigger stronger pollen seasons the following spring, with grass and tree pollen levels skyrocketing.

How to prepare for spring allergy season

With all the allergy potential out there, it’s important to know how to protect yourself, particularly if you’re sensitive to pollen. Here are a few things that can help cut down on the severity of allergy season, and keep spring allergies in check so that you can fully enjoy the season:

  1. If you’ve been outside, take a shower before you go to bed and change into fresh clothes so you don’t bring pollen onto your sheets that may have clung to your skin, hair or clothes.
  2. Limit outdoor activity to late afternoon: pollen counts are actually highest in the morning.
  3. It’s best to go outside after a good rain, as rain helps clear pollen from the air.
  4. Keep your car and house windows closed and instead opt for air conditioning at night to keep pollen out.
  5. Change your bedding and pillow covers often.
  6. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.
  7. If you are asthmatic, make sure you have your inhalers or are up to date with your medications to prevent asthma attacks


Get tested for COVID-19 Even If You Think It’s Spring allergies

Why? Some allergy and COVID symptoms overlap. Before you start running the other way when someone coughs or sneezes, we want you to be able to check off allergies and not COVID-19.

What draws major concern about the COVID-19 virus is breathing complications, especially in asthmatics. This can be confusing if you have asthma or are immunocompromised, when trying to differentiate allergy induced asthma versus COVID-19 and shortness of breath.

But just so you know, the most common symptoms for COVID-19 are shortness of breath, a dry cough, fever, loss of taste and smell and/or difficulty breathing

Rest assured, if you are experiencing an itchy nose, or watery eyes then chances are it’s just spring allergies. But, if you really want to be 100% sure, AFC Urgent Care Danbury offers multiple COVID-19 testing options that can help you rule out COVID-19. At the same time we can also treat you for allergies and asthma if symptoms are allergy related.

RAPID antigen and molecular tests are available at all of our centers on a walk-in basis, no appointment needed. We also offer standard PCR testing on a walk-in basis.

Enjoying warmer weather is one of the best things about spring, especially this year,  so go ahead and take a walk outside and smell the flowers! Just remember that our providers at all three of our AFC Danbury Urgent Care Centers are here to help during the allergy season and can help you find relief if needed. We are open 7 days a week, no appointment needed.

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