Summer 2021 Travel Vaccines And COVID-19 Guidance

July 29, 2021

Are you ready to travel this summer? After the last year and a half we’ve had, we don’t blame you! Don’t forget your travel meds and vaccines. And, no we’re not just talking about COVID-19 vaccines, but the other important immunizations you will need to be getting when traveling as well. There are other viruses and diseases out there that are just as deadly as COVID-19 in many foreign countries. For ...

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Summer 2021: 4th of July Health And Safety Tips

July 1, 2021

Here in New England, July is notoriously one of the hottest months of the year. We’re outside, home from school and out of work early. As everyone is getting ready for their annual celebrations and traditions, it is important to get ready this summer 2021 with these 4th of July health and safety tips. 4th of July Health And Safety Tip # 1 : UV Protection is essential! We love the sun rays, the beach and ...

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