Allergy-Safe Halloween Trick or Treating Explained

October 29, 2018

For most kids, Halloween is a time for costumes, parties, trick or treating, and candy eating. Halloween candy is exciting for every child, but facing restrictions of a gluten-free diet while Trick-or-Treating can be challenging and disappointing for children. And for those with food allergies, it can be just plain old scary, so here is allergy-safe Halloween Trick or Treating explained. I suggest discussing the experience ahead of time to set expectations to keep the ...

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Protect Your Child This Halloween

October 26, 2018

Remember when the only challenge you had at Halloween was which superhero your child wanted to be? It’s a whole new world out there these days with everything from poison candy concerns to unknown neighbors. What’s a trick-or-treater to do when all he or she wants is to come home with a bag full of loot that hopefully will carry them through to Thanksgiving Day? In addition to plain common sense precautions like ...

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This Year’s Flu Vaccines: What You Need to Know

October 18, 2018

You’ve probably been getting a flu shot since you were a child–for many as young as 6 months old. Today, that’s the age the CDC recommends children begin getting the annual vaccine. Not much changed about the vaccine you’ve been getting for ages until the flu begin to morph into different strains, requiring different vaccines. In 2012 the development of a quadrivalent vaccine was released, and the 2018 egg-free version is ...

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