Spring Allergies 2023: Let’s Avoid This Itch

March 6, 2023

Woman suffering from allergies. Spring Allergies And High Risk Asthmatics by AFC Urgent Care Danbury

Spring is coming and many of us are excited to put the winter behind us. But here’s the catch. Due to climate changes, pollen has already started blowing towards us. If that itch in your nose or your eyes is starting to get to you, then it's time to prepare and avoid allergy triggers. The last thing anyone wants are allergies getting in the way and not letting us enjoy the warm weather. 

For high-risk asthmatics and allergy sufferers, allergy season may be an irritating time of year. AFC Urgent Care Danbury is ready to help treat your allergy symptoms, and rule out COVID-19, another possible illness that can get in your way this spring 2023. Let’s avoid this itch, together!

Spring Allergies Have Come Early This Season

Spring allergies are here. Here are a few reasons why this allergy season may be affecting you:

Priming Effect: The “Priming Effect” occurs when temperatures shoot up and plunge quickly in a short amount of time. This causes people to be hyper-sensitive to the new pollen. 

Warm Winters: Warm winters play an impactful part on allergies. Warm winters can also increase your allergy sensitivity.

Preparing for allergy season

It's important to know how to protect yourself, particularly if you’re sensitive to pollen. Here are a few things that can help cut down on the severity of allergy season:

  • If you’ve been outside, take a shower before you go to bed and change into fresh clothes so you don’t bring pollen onto your sheets that may have clung to your skin, hair or clothes.
  • Limit outdoor activity to late afternoon: pollen counts are actually highest in the morning.
  • It’s best to go outside after a good rain, as rain helps clear pollen from the air
  • Don't hang laundry outside — pollen can stick to sheets and towels.
  • Wear a face mask if you do outside chores.

If you want to take extra precautions, you may want to check your tv or the internet for the pollen levels. Checking this on a daily basis can help you take an extra step towards fighting the spring allergies this season.

Don’t Forget About Your Inhaler!

If you’re a high-risk asthmatic, you will probably want to carry your inhaler or get extra refills to prepare for this season. Having asthma and spring allergies is a nasty combo and could potentially leave you breathless!

Always pack an inhaler or come see us and we’ll make sure you’re prepared this season.

Rule Out COVID-19, Too!

RAPID antigen and molecular tests are available at all of our centers on a walk-in basis, or by appointment. We also offer standard PCR testing, too. Rule everything out. Your risk is not knowing!

Spring is the time to be outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Just remember that our providers at all three of our AFC Danbury Urgent Care Centers are here to help during the allergy season and can help you find relief if needed. Our doors are open 7 days a week. Here for you! Visit us here or at our other 2 Danbury locations, at 100 Mill Plain Road or at 26 Newtown Road.

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