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Workers' Comp

Workers Comp Care in Dalton, GA | AFC Urgent Care

Our providers employ the appropriate conservative measures to treat ailments and are highly knowledgeable in causation research.

Workers Comp at AFC Urgent Care

Occupational Health Hours:
8am-7pm Monday through Friday and 8am-4pm on weekends

Please remember that in case of emergency please call 911 and go directly to the hospital.

Does AFC Urgent Care offer workers comp care?

Yes. At AFC Urgent Care, we understand that accidents happen. That’s why we offer comprehensive medical services to help you and your employees get back to work quickly and safely.

Our team is trained in OSHA first aid vs recordable events, so you can be sure that our team is providing a high level of care. We also use detailed history and medical expertise to provide rational causation. We offer a wide range of services, from basic sutures to digital x-rays and a moderately complex lab. Our clinics are also stocked with braces, crutches and wraps to sustain fractures and provide relief until a casting appointment is made.

The best part is that we offer occupational health services Tuesday-Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 8am-4pm. We’ll help you stay compliant with OSHA guidelines and ensure that your employees are back to work as soon as possible.

Partner with AFC Urgent Care Dalton

Choosing AFC Urgent Care as your health partner makes cents! Our partnership will provide you with a plan tailored to your company’s needs, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best healthcare services available.

We believe in providing comprehensive and customized health services for businesses and their employees. Our team of medical experts work to identify health risks, provide comprehensive employee health reports and help guide and encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles. Plus, we’ll manage and measure employee status to keep your company running at peak efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business stay healthy and efficient!

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