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Ongoing Employee Services

Monitoring and On-Going Employee Health Services | Dalton GA

Rapid, Efficient and Affordable testing for all employees.

Employer Health Services at AFC Urgent Care

Occupational Health Hours:

8am-7pm Tuesday through Friday and 8am-4pm on weekends
1302 West Walnut Ave., Suite 1 Dalton, GA 30720

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Post-Offer and Return- to-Duty Physicals

At AFC Urgent Care, we understand just how important it is for employees to return to work quickly and safely following an injury or illness. That’s why we offer comprehensive post-offer and return-to-duty physicals to help ensure your employees are fit for duty.

Our post-offer and return-to-duty physicals include:

  • Comprehensive exams with a doctor on staff at all times
  • Digital X-ray capabilities
  • Onsite labs for immediate results
  • Treatment plans and return-to-work plans

There are a number of advantages that make it easy for your employees to get the care they need when you visit our urgent care for physicals and check-ups, including:

  • Extended weekday and weekend hours
  • Walk-in convenience with no appointment necessary
  • Local, convenient Dalton location

We’re committed to providing your employees with prompt, comprehensive care to help them return to work quickly and safely. Contact us today to learn more about our post-offer and return-to-duty physicals.

Employee Drug & BAT Testing in Dalton, GA

AFC Urgent Care provides comprehensive drug and BAT (breath alcohol testing) services for both DOT (Department of Transportation) and Non-DOT employees.

Our experienced medical staff is trained to administer instant and lab based drug tests, providing results within minutes after testing. Our clients are typically in and out in less than an hour. We also provide BAT testing to measure the amount of alcohol in the system. This test can be used for random screenings, reasonable suspicion, return to work or post-accident testing. All screening equipment used at AFC Urgent Care Dalton is approved by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

Yearly Physicals & Testing for Employees in Dalton, GA

Does your team need physicals or further testing to ensure they can safely perform their duties?  AFC Urgent Care makes it easy to get your employees the care they need with annual physicals and testing. We offer comprehensive physicals, and our medical staff will review the results to determine if any further testing is needed. We’ll go over any current health issues, medical history, family history and current medications to make sure your team is fit and able to get the job done.

We offer walk-in convenience, so your employees can come at any time that best fits their schedule. With our top-tier medical staff, you can rest assured that your team is safe and able to perform their duties.

Visit or call our clinic today for more information.

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