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Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic near Ringgold

Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic Near Ringgold, GA

Visit AFC Urgent Care in Dalton when you need testing and treatment for COVID-19, flu or strep or treatment after a serious injury. Find us next to Starbucks on West Walnut Avenue.

Are you looking for convenient and affordable urgent care near Ringgold, GA?

Just a 20-minute drive from Ringgold, AFC Urgent Care Dalton is here to welcome you as your trusted walk-in clinic. Maybe you’re feeling under the weather or have an unexpected injury. No matter the case, we’re here to provide quick, affordable, and compassionate care for you and your family.

Why Choose AFC Urgent Care of Dalton?

Accessible Care

Whether you are visiting the historic battlefields, hiking alongside Chickamauga Creek, or spending a day at the Ringgold Recreational Complex, we understand that health emergencies can happen anytime. That’s why we’re open seven days a week with no appointment required.

Bilingual Providers Always On-Site

To better serve our diverse community, our team includes Spanish-speaking providers who can assist our Spanish-speaking visitors.

Affordable Treatment

If you experience a sudden illness or injury during your visit to the historic city of Ringgold, driving just 20 minutes to our Dalton location can significantly save you time and money compared to visiting the ER. On average, an ER visit costs about $1,300, while an urgent care visit is only around $100. Surprisingly, over 70 percent of ER visits could actually be taken care of at urgent care centers, saving you money and time.

Our experienced team at AFC Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic is here to address a wide range of medical needs. From minor injuries to illness, we’ve got you covered.

At AFC Urgent Care, our top-tier medical team treats several illnesses and injuries including but not limited to:

  • Strep throat
  • Flu
  • Common cold
  • Allergies
  • Sprains
  • Fractures

How can I stay healthy throughout the Fall?

As summer comes to an end it’s important to get ready for a new wave of allergens in North Georgia. Fall allergies usually peak in late August and early September, but this year’s above-average temperatures and increased rainfall could make it a challenging season for allergy sufferers. Keep an eye out for the most common fall allergen: ragweed.

It is also crucial to remember that flu season is just around the corner. The flu season begins in early October and can continue throughout the winter and spring, but minimizing opportunities for contracting the flu is as easy as securing an annual flu vaccination. Stay safe this flu season with a flu shot at AFC Urgent Care.

To stay healthy during the autumn and winter months in Ringgold, follow these essential tips:

  1. Hand Hygiene – Keep your hands clean by washing them frequently, especially before and after public outings, outdoor activities, and restroom use. This simple habit helps remove harmful germs.
  2. Stay Hydrated – Beat the North Georgia heat and humidity by staying well-hydrated. Drinking water not only prevents dehydration but also boosts energy and helps improve the overall immunity of your body.
  3. Stay Active – Even with a busy schedule, prioritize physical activity. Just 15 minutes of walking or light exercise can have a positive impact on your health, whether you’re at work, school, or managing family commitments.
  4. Quality Sleep – Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to feel refreshed and revitalized. Establish healthy sleep habits to ensure you get the most out of your rest.
  5. Balanced Diet – Maintain a well-rounded diet by incorporating various nutrients like protein, fiber, grains, and essential components into your meals. A balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

By following these practices, you can enjoy good health this Fall in Ringgold, GA.

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Don’t let unexpected health concerns disrupt your plans in Ringgold, GA. Make us your first choice for prompt and affordable medical care. We’re committed to keeping you and your loved ones healthy and comfortable. AFC Urgent Care offers the best alternative for urgent health care where we value your time and experience.

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