Why Should I Challenge My Brain Every Day?

June 1, 2023

Why Should I Challenge My Brain Every Day?

While every day is different and brings its own experiences, it can be easy to fall into a relatively predictable routine. From work to dinner to chauffeuring your kids to games, practices or lessons, it can be exhausting!

For many, plopping down on the couch in front of the TV after a long day becomes part of the routine. It is important to de-stress every day, but you should also make time often to engage with your brain.

Your brain health can help support better memory and reduce your risk of dementia, so read on as our AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne team explains how to challenge your brain every day.

What Does Exercise Do for My Brain?

We know the days can be long and the couch (rather than the treadmill) is often calling your name. However, find it within yourself to get up and get moving when you can! Regular exercise directly affects your cognitive health and can also reduce feelings of stress.

It can also help you build neural connections over time, which is crucial for helping you continue to learn and retain memories throughout your life. So get moving! Find an exercise routine that works for you and stick to it.

Exercise Ideas That Boost Your Brain

  • Swimming
  • A daily walk in nature
  • A fun dance or exercise class
  • Yard work

What Mental Benefits Does an Active Brain Provide?

Every time you focus on a new or challenging concept, your brain has to work differently to figure out the solution. This is great for memory recall and strengthening neural pathways, and it also helps encourage new ones! Over time, this can help make your brain stronger and less susceptible to memory conditions or certain types of dementia.

OK, now that we have convinced you, where do you start? Something as simple as a daily crossword puzzle or word find can engage your brain differently, or consider learning a new card game with your spouse or friend. You are also never too old to learn a new hobby or rediscover an old favorite!

Other Ways to Support Your Brain

  • Avoid smoking and other forms of tobacco.
  • Don’t abuse alcohol.
  • Protect your head from injury by wearing a helmet.
  • Fuel your body with brain-healthy fruits and veggies and fatty fish.

We are here to help you feel better from your brain to your feet. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne.

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