How Can I Prevent Bug Bites?

June 1, 2022

How Can I Prevent Bug Bites?- AFC Urgent Care

Although the spring and summer seasons usually come with great weather, they also come with a higher chance of getting bitten or stung by a bug.

While most bug bites and stings aren’t a cause for serious concern, they’re definitely painful and something no one wants to willingly experience. Read on as our AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne team walks you through how to prevent and treat bug injuries below!

What Should I Do to Prevent Bug Bites?

Bugs will be bugs. Bees, if disturbed, can decide to sting you, and fire ants will bite if you accidentally step on their home.

Although these types of bites and stings aren’t 100% preventable, there are steps you can take to generally reduce your chances of getting bitten by bugs—especially mosquitoes. We’ve listed them below!

Ways to Prevent Bug Bites

  • Use insect repellent. To protect against bugs like mosquitoes and ticks, use insect repellent that contains 20 to 30% DEET on exposed skin and clothing, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. If you are worried about getting bitten by mosquitoes or stung by some other type of insect, wear clothes that cover your arms and legs, like long sleeves, pants and closed-toed shoes instead of sandals.
  • Limit activities that increase your risk. Activities like hiking, camping, doing yard work and visiting farms and forested areas all put you at a greater risk of getting stung or bitten.

How Can I Treat Bug Bites?

Although they’re painful and many cause swelling shortly after the injury, bug bites are typically not a cause for serious concern and can be treated at home.

If your bug bite is only swelling around the location of the bite, it is considered to be minor. We’ve listed some helpful ways you can treat your injury below!

How to Treat Mild Insect Bites and Stings

  • Remove any stingers.
  • Gently wash the area with soap and water.
  • Apply a damp rag soaked in cold water or ice to the area of the bite or sting for 10 to 20 minutes. This helps reduce pain and swelling.
  • Take an OTC pain reliever as needed.
  • If the injury is on an arm or leg, elevate it.

Concerned about your bug bite? We can help you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne team today.

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