Does the Flu Come on Suddenly?

January 15, 2023

Does the Flu Come on Suddenly?

Influenza is certainly making itself comfortable across the nation this season. Because of the large number of flu cases this year, it is important to refresh your memory about the symptoms to be on the lookout for during the remainder of the winter months.

In addition to getting your annual flu shot as soon as possible, we also encourage everyone in your family to practice proper hand hygiene and stay home when sick. Our AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne team explains all things related to influenza below, so check it out!

Does the Flu Have Unique Symptoms?

Like many other viral illnesses, the flu can produce common symptoms associated with an upper respiratory infection. A runny nose, chest congestion and fever are all symptoms that could occur! Just because you don’t feel well, though, doesn’t mean it necessarily is the flu.

One classic indication of the flu is actually not even a symptom at all! Keep a close eye on your symptom progression and how quickly your symptoms appear. If your illness progresses slowly over the course of a few days, it’s probably not the flu. If you feel fine one minute but miserable the next, it could be the flu. Influenza sets in really quickly so your condition can deteriorate just as fast.

Common Viral Infection Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Runny nose/congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Muscle or body aches

Can I Do Anything to Feel Better With the Flu?

Since the flu is a viral infection and doesn’t respond to antibiotics, the best way to aid in your recovery is to take care of your body and rest as much as possible. While you may feel pretty sick, just know that once your body starts to overcome the infection, you should start to feel better quickly.

While you wait for that to happen, drink plenty of water and eat foods that are easily digestible like oatmeal or a broth-based soup. You can also take OTC medication to help reduce the severity of your symptoms. We hope you feel better soon!

Aid in Your Flu Recovery

  • Skip alcohol and caffeine.
  • Avoid hard-to-digest foods like heavy grains or greasy foods.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Stay home and sleep.

If you are wondering if your recent illness is the flu, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne for a rapid test.

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