Does Sciatica Resolve on Its Own?

September 15, 2022

Does Sciatica Resolve on Its Own?

Sciatica can be a debilitating condition that can limit your ability to function normally. The burning or shooting pain it causes can make it hard to walk or sit comfortably.

The good news is that most cases of sciatica will resolve on their own in time, but you may just be uncomfortable until it goes away. Our staff at AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne want you to feel better quickly and offers some helpful info on sciatica below.

How Does Sciatica Start?

If you have sciatica, your sciatic nerve is compressed and irritated somehow. A herniated disk or an overgrown bone spur may be to blame, or in rarer cases, a tumor has grown and is pressing down on the nerve.

In any case, sciatica pain can range anywhere from a mild burning sensation that radiates from the low back and down one leg to an intense shooting pain that can stop you in your tracks. Some other factors for developing sciatica have to do with your health and lifestyle.

Risk Factors for Sciatica

  • Older age
  • Obesity
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Diabetes

How Can I Minimize Sciatica Symptoms?

Having a compressed nerve can come from a variety of factors, so it is important to make your overall health a priority. Have a consistent exercise routine, take frequent breaks if you sit all day at work and maintain a healthy weight to remove pressure off of your spine.

Even though there is no doubt that sciatica is painful, most cases resolve within a week or two. If the pain persists longer than that, it is a good idea to be evaluated for a more serious reason for your pain.

When to Seek Medical Attention

  • You have sudden and severe pain in your low back
  • The pain follows a violent injury, like a car accident
  • You can no longer control your bladder or bowels

If you are struggling with symptoms of sciatica or they have persisted for a week or longer, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne!

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