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Sprains Strains Broken Ankles

Sprains, Strains & Broken Ankle Treatment in Willow Grove, PA

1/3 the cost of an Emergency Room Visit!

Everything You Need to Know About Sprained, Strained and Broken Ankles

“I think I broke something" is a statement you never want to make after an injury or a fall. It is also something you want to know one way or another as soon as possible. Get immediate answers today at AFC Urgent Care Willow Grove. The board-certified doctors at our walk-in urgent care center are available seven days a week to diagnose your injury. Avoid the expensive trip to the emergency room and sidestep a costly hospital bill. It would be best if you did not wait days for your primary care physician to be available as well. A delay in diagnosis and treatment could potentially cause further injury. Come in today and see our experts to determine if you are suffering from a sprain, strain, or a broken ankle. This is not an injury to your ankle joint you can treat by “rubbing dirt into it and walking it off."

At AFC Urgent Care Willow Grove, our staff is experienced in treating these injuries and various other medical issues. You’ll experience less wait time at our facility than at an emergency room. Prompt attention from our medical staff also comes with less cost. In most cases, you’ll pay as little as a third for treatment compared to a visit to a local ER.

How Can I Learn More About Sprains, Strains, And Broken Ankles?

Physical activity is key to overall good physical health. With that in mind, people can push themselves too hard when working out or playing a competitive sport. Injuries can occur, and when they do, they should be looked at immediately. Ankle injuries can be excruciating and longer if not promptly and adequately diagnosed and treated.

Fortunately, our urgent care facility has a digital X-ray available to help our doctors diagnose your injury. We can accurately determine if your injury is a broken ankle or something less severe, like a sprain or strain. Has your injury just happened? Come today! No appointment is needed to be seen by our staff or to access our X-ray services.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between A Sprain, Strain, Or Broken Ankle?

Without medical training, it can be challenging to determine if your ankle injury is a fracture, strain, or sprain. However, to educate you more on these conditions, these are generally the main differences between these injuries.


When your ligaments overextend themselves or tear, you suffer a sprain. This tissue connects your bones and muscles. A sprain is very noticeable when you make any sudden movement, like running or walking. A sprain can be minor, but it can be debilitating if the tear is large enough. A complete ligament tear often requires surgery and cannot be treated at our urgent care center.


An overextension or tear of a tendon or muscle is a sprain. This tissue helps you move your limbs and bones. Often, an injury here is caused by not stretching or pushing your muscles beyond their limits. To avoid strains, always stretch before working out or playing a sport. Although strains are more common in the hamstring or back, they can occur in the ankles. Much like a sprain, a complete tendon or muscle tear cannot be treated at our clinic and often requires surgery.


A broken or fractured ankle is the most serious of the three injuries. A “wait and see" approach should not be applied, and a physician should immediately examine it. This injury is more painful than a strain or sprain, and a broken bone is generally very noticeable, especially if there is a bone protrusion or deformity. You need prompt treatment for a broken ankle or could be saddled with long-term medical issues and expenses. The board-certified physician at our immediate care clinic has access to digital X-rays that can take images of your injured area and diagnose your condition. No appointment is needed to be seen by a doctor or to receive an X-ray. We can send an X-ray image and our doctor’s evaluation to your primary care physician at your request.

Do you suspect your ankle suffers from a sprain, strain, or fracture? Come to AFC Urgent Care Willow Grove today and be examined by one of our physicians. Our weekend availability and extended weekday hours mean you do not need to take a day off from school or work to receive medical attention. Our clinic accepts most major insurances, and we have affordable self-pay rates for the uninsured. Questions? Call our friendly staff today, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. We look forward to helping you and your injured ankle!

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