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Seasonal Allergies, Colds, Sinusitis

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Seasonal Allergies, Colds, Sinusitis

Seasonal Allergies, Colds & Sinusitis Clinic in Willow Grove, PA

At AFC Urgent Care Willow Grove, we have board-certified doctors available seven days a week to diagnose your illness. Call now or simply walk in.

Have you come down with a common cold in the Willow Grove, PA area? Most of the time, you can handle this illness at home with over-the-counter medicine, rest, and fluids. (Maybe even a little chicken soup.) Common cold symptoms, like a stuffy nose or fatigue, can be deceptive. Unfortunately, a more severe illness or infection shares many initial symptoms of a common cold that will not get better over time quickly and may need the expertise of a doctor.

At AFC Urgent Care Willow Grove, board-certified doctors are available seven days a week to diagnose your illness. If you believe you are coming down with a severe infection, they will be able to confirm it and then prescribe the correct medication to treat you. An accurate diagnosis is crucial for treatment. Our doctors will determine if you have a bacterial or viral infection, which calls for two very different treatments.

What Is Causing My Symptoms? Why Am I Feeling Terrible?

You could be suffering from a cold, allergies, or sinusitis. Here are details about these possible causes.


The common symptoms associated with a cold are body aches, a fever, and sore throat. Generally, you can wait this out, and after a few days, your immune system will be able to knock it out. Over-the-counter medicines may be needed to alleviate minor to moderate symptoms. If a cold does not get better over time and worsens, prescription medication from a doctor may be required. A Prescription will reduce the severity of your symptoms and help your recovery. Our board-certified providers can determine if you need stronger medication to help with your cold. Sometimes, colds can develop into flu and vice versa. The best way to avoid the flu symptoms is to get a flu shot. A flu shot, covered by most major insurances, will give you added protection during the Flu Season.


Allergy symptoms are usually seen in the form of watery, itchy eyes as well as nasal congestion. Allergies are generally triggered when you are exposed to a specific allergen. The allergen that causes these symptoms is different for every person. Symptoms tend to come on quickly once someone is exposed. The best way to manage allergies is often to avoid the allergens that trigger them. Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergies. However, medication can be given to help alleviate more severe symptoms.


If your illness is focused on your nasal passages, our doctors may think symptoms of sinusitis could be present. They will lean towards this diagnosis when you report a swollen and painful feeling that radiates from your forehead to your cheeks. This facial pain can be intense. Your nose may also be incredibly stuffy, congested, and find colored mucus and a sore throat. Without medical intervention, these extremely uncomfortable symptoms may last up to 4 weeks, if not longer. A visit to our walk-in urgent care center in Willow Grove allows our physicians to accurately diagnose you with sinusitis.

Another issue associated with these three conditions is ear wax build-up. It can be a very painful symptom that occurs over a period of time. You should let our expert staff help you clear it out, especially if it has hardened. Self-removal of ear wax can lead to various hearing problems, an ear infection, and you could injure yourself. We can safely flush out your ear wax at our clinic.

At AFC Urgent Care Willow Grove, we can treat you for sinusitis, a cold, or an allergy. Our doctors will get you back on your feet again and feeling better. We are open seven days a week, and no appointment is needed to be seen by a physician.

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