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Drug Screening Solutions For Employers at Walk-in Clinic & Urgent Care Center in South Philly, PA

Drug Screening Hours: Weekdays 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Weekends 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Businesses in the South Philly area can rely on AFC Urgent Care South Philly to provide them with on-demand drug testing when needed. In some industries, drug testing is a requirement before someone can be offered a position. You may wait days for a potential hire to be tested and then wait longer for the results. When that takes, a competitor may offer that person a job and snatch them away from you. Fast results mean you can make an offer to a potential employee immediately. Not only do we have extended hours at our urgent care center, but no appointment is required to access our drug testing services. Our walk-in drug testing services are also very convenient to businesses in the area that want to maintain a drug-free work environment with random drug testing. Consider making an account at our urgent care center today for all your drug testing needs.

Are you applying for a job requiring a drug test to be completed? AFC Urgent Care South Philly is the perfect location to complete this requirement. Both you and your new employer want to wait for days or weeks before you begin. The faster you can get the results, the faster the first paycheck will arrive. If you are applying for a job with multiple applicants, do nt miss out on an opportunity because someone else returned negative drug testing results first.

What are the benefits of drug testing at AFC Urgent Care South Philly?

There are many benefits to coming to our walk-in urgent care center and utilizing our on-site lab for your drug testing needs. They include:

  • You can easily maintain a drug-free workplace by sending employees to our clinic for random drug testing throughout the year. While no appointment is needed, please call ahead so we can serve you promptly. Patient acuity and patient volume can cause wait times to be longer than usual.
  • There will be fewer waiting days upon days for results. You will receive notification of negative test results within 15 minutes of completion. This notification will appear on a web-based dashboard for you to review. Faster results mean you can be immediately on the phone to make a job offer to your top-tier candidates.
  • You will have access to real-time status updates through our drug testing system. This online system allows you to maintain testing window compliance. You will be able to review results from any current or potential employee.
  • The drug-testing system we have at our urgent care center is paperless. It generates an electronic chain of custody form (eCCF) for all nonregulated tests. Never be concerned about keeping an organized cabinet of paper copies again.
  • All drug testing results and other information is stored in our online database. It is accessible anytime, including all chain of custody documentation and other qualification requirements.
  • Our drug testing system provides a diverse set of tools to fit the needs of your specific industry, including all Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.

Are there additional questions about our drug testing services at AFC Urgent Care South Philly? Is there a specific drug you would like tested, or would you like to set up a corporate account? Call our friendly staff today at (215) 964-9250, and they will be more than happy to help you!

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