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Patient Reviews in Santee at AFC Urgent Care

Becky and I had a brief outdoor encounter with a friend who later tested positive for COVID. Out of an abundance of caution we decided to get tested. After scouring on-line for a testing sight, we chose AFC Urgent Care on the corner of Magnolia and Mission Gorge in Santee based solely on the facts that it was just minutes from our house and they opened at 8:00 AM. The morning of Christmas eve we took the short drive to the AFC Urgent Care. We arrived at 7:45 AM and we were about 8th in line. Once they opened at 8:00, they would let one person (or people of the same household) in at a time. One by one the people in front of us entered then a short time later exited with form in hand. When it was our turn we did the same. The ladies (nurses?) checking us in were polite, professional and thorough. We were handed our forms and told to complete them in our car and we would be called when it was our turn for the test. After about 45 minutes Becky was called in, five or so minutes later I was also called in. Once in I was directed to an examination room. A nurse entered and asked a few questions and took my pulse and blood pressure. Pulse fine, BP a bit high... A few minutes after that the Dr. walked in and administered the COVID test. She swabbed of both of my nostrils, and that was it. Start to finish the entire process took about an hour, most of it spent waiting in the car. The COVID test itself took about 45 seconds. We were told that we would receive our results in 5 -7 days. We tested on Thursday, the following Sunday we received the call. We tested negative for COVID! Yay!! No VID for us! My apologies for not taking note of anyone's name at AFC. The entire staff was great, from check in, to the nurse who took my vitals to the doctor who administered the test. All were great. Thank you to all of the front line workers out there.

Pete T | Dec-30-2020 | Yelp Reviews

5 stars they really care about the patients.

Ali H | Dec-11-2020 | Google Reviews

AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! Great workers, working hard to get all patients taken care of. Under ALOT of pressure and volume. Handling everything that's in their control.

Jayson P | Nov-16-2020 | Google Reviews

Very happy with the service I received very friendly staff

Danny L | Sep-24-2020 | Google Reviews

We felt completely comfortable during our visit. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Every precaution was taken to assure cleanliness and safety. We had been there before for another problem so we went there again for a new problem. We would definitely recommend their services.

Elizabeth M | Sep-14-2020 | Google Reviews

Fast, professional, and easy!! Great Urgent Care!! Thank you!!!

D S | Aug-03-2020 | Google Reviews

Very helpful , staff friendly ,they took me in !

Mya R | Jul-28-2020 | Google Reviews

I stopped in Friday Morning expecting to be there for a few hours. In and out in less then two hours. Great staff. Very friendly. I have Molina and will be using this facility for all my urgent care needs. Thank you.

The S | Jul-13-2020 | Google Reviews

The waiting area was super clean and everything went smoothly! I went in for bloodwork and was in and out.

Mayra L | May-18-2020 | Google Reviews

I visited AFC in Santee a few days during this Covid environment. I felt the facility was safe and had the appropriate documentation outside the center. The wait time was very short and they saw me immediately. Sarah in the morning was the individual who assisted me and took cultures. She was very helpful and empathetic during the process. The doctor was also very nice. The over visit took less than 20 min and provided me what I needed. I will return to this location as well as recommend it to others.

Sean M | May-12-2020 | Yelp Reviews
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