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Pediatric Urgent Care

Children’s Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Q and A

If your child is in need of urgent care, come to AFC Urgent Care to receive treatment specific to their needs. Our medical professionals are here to provide a higher level of care to get your little one feeling better. Call our office for more information.

Children’s Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Q and A
Children’s Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Q and A

Sometimes children get sick or injured at the most inopportune times. For the most part, doctor’s offices are only open during the week and are closed on weekends and evenings. Unfortunately, this is when many children sustain an injury or come down with an illness. That is why we have urgent care clinics, to provide top-quality after-hours care for when you and your little ones need it most.

Can you take a child to urgent care?

It is important to note that not all urgent care centers provide care for children. Before leaving the house, you must verify that an urgent care clinic has the capacity to treat children, as they may only provide care for adults. Thankfully, there are urgent care centers that provide care for children, including AFC Urgent Care in Largo, FL!

What services does a Children’s Urgent care offer?

Strep Throat — Strep throat, also referred to as streptococcal sore throat, is a bacterial infection that causes a sore, scratchy throat. There are nearly 3 million cases of streptococcal sore throat every year. Unfortunately, the chances are high that your child will contract a case at some point. That is no reason to panic, though. After visiting urgent care, a physician will determine if what is causing the pharyngitis (sore throat) is strep. If it is, your child will likely be prescribed antibiotics, which can help ease their discomfort while fighting the infection.

Common Colds — Common colds are caused by a viral infection that spread through the air and through direct contact with an infected person. These occur most frequently during cold or rainy seasons but can happen at any time. Children can catch as many as 12 colds a year — that’s tons of coughing and sneezing!

There’s not much a doctor can do for the common cold; you always just need to allow them to run their course. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that you simply see a doctor if your child has:

  • a temperature above 100.4° F
  • symptoms that last over 10 days
  • symptoms that are severe or unusual

To protect other children from getting sick and your child from becoming sicker, be sure that they stay home from school until they no longer have symptoms.

The Flu — Treating the flu is often just rest, hydration and proper nourishment. So while doctors can’t typically provide treatment for the flu, a visit to urgent care can help if your child becomes dehydrated or unable to keep fluids down. They’ll probably receive an IV of fluid to assist rehydrate them. Prevention is that the best protection — it’s a good idea to urge a flu shot for your child (and yourself).

Minor Cuts and Burns — At urgent care, doctors are going to be ready to treat minor, shallow cuts, and also minor burns. Most of the time, these issues require a thorough cleaning and a topical antibiotic cream. If necessary, they will also provide stitches. For deeper or more serious cuts, you will want to take your child to the ER right away.

Urgent care can also treat the following conditions:

  • Hand-foot-mouth disease
  • Ear infections
  • Broken bones and sprains
  • Mild stomach pain
  • Minor head injuries (without loss of consciousness)
  • Mononucleosis (often called “mono")
  • Muscle strain injuries
  • Nausea
  • Pink eye
  • Rash
  • Sprains and fractures (splinting)
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Vomiting, diarrhea and mild dehydration

Can I get my child’s prescription from an urgent care provider?

Urgent care centers can deliver a lot of healthcare needs, including writing a prescription. To make things easier for both you and the urgent care doctor, bring in your empty prescription so that they have all of the information handy.

If you child is feeling unwell, bring them to AFC Urgent Care in Largo, FL today. Our specially trained staff are experienced in treating children and can help them feel better fast! To talk with a member of our specialist team, contact our office today.

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AFC Urgent Care FAQs

  • When should I choose urgent care?

    If you’re dealing with a pressing, non-life-threatening medical issue and don’t want to see a doctor, urgent care could be for you. AFC walk-in clinics are able to see patients dealing with allergic reactions, broken bones, colds and flus, and much more.

  • Do I need insurance to visit AFC?

    At AFC we offer very competitive rates for self-pay urgent care and walk-in clinic services. We understand that not everyone may have an insurance plan and we make sure that our out-of-pocket patients are given the same high-quality medical treatment that we give to all our patients.

  • How long will my visit take?

    The main advantage of choosing AFC is our short wait times – often under 15 minutes. The total length of your visit will depend on what you’re being seen for, but many patients can be in and out of our clinics in around 30 minutes.

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