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Employee Drug Testing in Fresno, CA

Fast, Affordable Drug Screening for Your Employees


DOT and Non-DOT Drug Test (Through our lab): $68

Instant Drug Screen 5-Panel: $45

Instant Drug Screen 10-Panel: $68

Breath Alcohol Test (BAT): $68

Urine Collection Only: $20

The purpose of employee drug testing isn’t to catch employees off their guard and fire them; it’s to establish a safe, drug-free culture within the workplace. By keeping drugs outside of the workplace, your employees are healthier, safer and more productive. Because drug testing is designed to improve the health of employees, many businesses develop drug screening programs for their employees.

Here at AFC Urgent Care Fresno, we offer several drug testing services for local employers. These programs include:

  • Annual testing
  • Corporate drug testing
  • Random testing
  • Pre-employment testing
  • DOT testing
  • Return to duty testing
  • Post-accident testing

Protect Your Employees & Your Business

Businesses lose out on billions of dollars each year due to employee drug-use. Both pre-employment testing and evidential breath alcohol testing can help protect a business and reduce liability in the event of an accident. Maximize your business’ potential and improve the health and safety of your employees by implementing a drug screening program and drug testing policy today.

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