Why Do I Have a Fever?

December 29, 2023

With winter here already, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why you are experiencing illness symptoms. Is it the weather? Is it the flu? Most of the time, common winter illnesses share symptoms which can make it difficult to identify what is causing your symptoms. If you’re suffering from a fever, get same-day illness diagnosis and treatment by visiting AFC Urgent Care Braintree.

Common Causes Of A Fever

If you’re suffering from cold sweats, body aches, and a general sense of fatigue, you’re probably suffering from a fever. Fevers are your body's natural immune response to an infection. When your body finds an infection brewing in your body, it spikes your body temperature to try to kill the intruder. Although fevers may feel dramatic, they are actually an indication of your immune system functioning properly.

Fevers can occur due to any kind of infection. There are a variety of different illnesses that can cause a fever to occur. These include viral infections like colds and the flu as well as bacterial infections like strep throat and pink eye. Fevers can also occur in reaction to vaccines, which often aim to introduce your immune system to a dummy infection to help build up its defenses. 

When To Seek Medical Care For A Fever

There are some instances where you should be concerned regarding a fever. If your body temperature is extremely high, 105 degrees or higher, or lasts longer than 4 days without responding to over-the-counter fever reducers, you should seek medical care. Generally speaking, fevers are not a cause for concern. Keeping hydrated and taking fever reducers such as advil can help aleiviate the symptoms of a fever.

If you are immunocompromised, elderly or have underlying health conditions which could make you vunerable to developing a severe illness, fevers should be taken seriously. This is also true for young children because their immune systems are not fully developed. If you have a fever and are at-risk for severe illness, you should seek immediate medical care for proper treatment. Your healthcare provider can preform diagnostic testing and give supportive care to help your body recover from the infection.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Braintree For Walk-In Illness Care In Braintree, MA

If you’ve suddenly become sick with a fever, you may be wondering what is causing your temperature to rise. Seeking a medical diagnosis will ensure that you receive medical care if needed for your illness to promote a fast recovery. At AFC Urgent Care Braintree, our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory which allows us to provide rapid diagnostic testing at the time of your visit. Simply walk into our clinic or schedule an appointment online.

The medical professionals at AFC Urgent Care Braintree are board-certified and trained to diagnose and treat a variety of common illnesses based on the symptoms that you’re experiencing. Our clinic is available for walk-in patients seeking illness care 7 days a week. We accept most medical insurance plans and offer affordable care so that you can get illness treatment when you need it. For additional questions regarding the clinic at AFC Urgent Care Braintree, please call us.

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