Here’s what our patients are saying about us:

“I’ll spare you from the actual injury photo, but it’s not broken and that’s the most important thing. I need to shout out AFC Urgent Care Braintree for being so incredible when I hobbled in this morning, tears in my eyes and in excruciating pain. I couldn’t be more thankful for their kindness and care. As the one doctor put it “this isn’t the best ‘Welcome to Massachusetts’ but it could be worse…" #Thankful"

Marissa OnTheRadio, 11/9/17

“Today after I sliced my palm opening anew knife set. I knew I needed stitches. I had just moved my college daughter into her apartment in Boston. I really didn’t want to go to an ER. I called ahead to check to see if they did stitches. They did. I walked in. Was taken immediately into an exam room. Seen, evaluated, stitched up and out of there in less than 50 minutes. I highly recommend AFC Urgent care.  The doctor was very experienced. He had worked in an ER for 25+ years. Nurses and front desk staff were all very professional. Overall a great experience. It was overall a great experience. Much better than waiting hours in an Emergency room."

Lauren, 9/1/17

“A late review but came here for service early this year. I had hives all over my body for 3-4 days  which I ignored and self treated until my throat got tight. This was late at night and I did not want to visit the ER, so I gave AFC a shot and they were very accommodating despite me arriving near closing time. Paperwork was basic and insurance process was painless. Professional, friendly front staff. I was treated very quickly by the kind nurse and was given information about the hives and was sent on my way home. I would come here again for treatment when it makes sense to not go to the ER."

Kathy, 8/21/17

“Came in with an impacted ear. The place was really clean, very professional. The receptionist was friendly and nice, took my ID and insurance information and gave me some paperwork to fill out.  I waited about 10 minutes and was taken back by a nice nurse who took my vitals. The doctor came in a few minutes later and examined my ear and confirmed what the nurse said about what they would likely do to help. The nurse and her colleague then worked and worked to help me, finally dislodging the impacted ear. I can’t say enough how friendly, professional and hard working the people were. I highly recommend it and will absolutely come here again."

Stan, 3/4/17

“I had to go there today. The office is clean, the staff is friendly and helpful. I was efficiently registered and called into a room after a brief wait. The nurse that met me was kind and knowledgeable. The doctor came in and after her exam, she sat down and explained what was going, what her plan was and what to expect. Prescriptions were sent to my pharmacy and were ready when I got there. I was very impressed with the care."

Karen, 2/15/17

“I have had sinus, ear and face pain for a while. I was told by one doctor that everything looked fine. My headache got so severe that I couldn’t stand it. I went to the Urgent Care first thing on a Saturday morning. I was brought in by an MA who could not have been sweeter! Then the PA came in.  She listened to me, checked me out and it was a sinus infection. She prescribed me a Zpac and gave me great advice to follow up. Also, she gave me something right there to relieve the excruciating pain in my whole head. I would recommend this place to anyone. I felt comfortable and was in and out in less than a half hour! Bravo!!!"

Mindy, 11/12/16

“AFC is amazing! The office is extremely clean and organized.  The waiting room is very comfortable and has a screen that displays the waiting list.  I was seen promptly by the nicest doctor.  The doctor was extremely professional, nice and competent.  The whole visit was seamless and painless- would highly recommend!"

Theresa, 5/24/16

“This was my second trip to . Honestly, I could not have been more impressed both times. From the cleanliness of the facility, to the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, to the wait time – which was virtually non-existent. Both visits were just great! I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you!"

Laurie, 9/18/15

“It was unfortunate that I needed to make a visit to the office in Braintree, but from the moment I walked in the door I was taken care of very well. From the receptionist, to the nurse and finally the doctor. I followed the doctor’s recommendations and now I’m almost back to being 100%. One big thing I did like was the wait time. After filling out the form I sat down for all of 3 minutes and then they called me in. The nurse brought me in and made sure I was comfortable.  I liked that because it put me at ease. After the nurse, the doctor within minutes after. I explained my medical issue and the doctor fully explained what probably happened and what I needed to do to get better. 1 week later I am on the mends and almost back to feeling 100%. I would recommend Urgent Care to everyone. I would also not think twice about ever needing to go back as I would go in a heart beat. Thank you for being there."

David, 7/27/15

“Awesome experience. I stupidly cut my thumb the other day on a glass and knew I’d need stitches and didn’t wanna wait for hours at the ER. I remembered seeing this place after leaving the mall a few times so I went there. Nurses were great, had a sense of humor that helped calm me down (I was alone and had never gotten stitches before). Everyone there was so friendly, even the receptionist! I was in and out within an hour and my thumb is doing pretty good. So glad I now know about this place :)"

Becca, 6/17/15

“I went in for a blood test and the front desk staff was very nice, efficient and told me how long the wait would be. I was called by the nurse in a short time and had the test done quickly and efficiently.  The office was clean and friendly.  I’d come back here again."

Lee, 5/6/15

“I actually recommend this place completely the service was excellent I’m from the receptionist to the nurse and then finally by the doctor. I went here for a pre employment screening and I have to tell you I think I got a more thorough physical from the doctor that was working that day then my own primary care physician. all I know is if I ever need anything or not feeling well I will not hesitate to go back and see them and hopefully get the same treatment that I got for a pre-employment screening."

Mark, 4/16/15

“Great place! I walked in, was called in by the nurse in less than 10 minutes, seen by the doctor, diagnosed and sent on my way all within another 10 minutes. To top it off, everyone was super friendly and helpful with all of my questions from start to finish. I hope I don’t ever have to come back, but if I need to see a doctor in a pinch, I will come back here!"

Des, 3/16/15

“In my opinion no improvements needed.   My experience at AFC Braintree was outstanding. I don’t have enough time to write all my wonderful thoughts on this center. Excellent staff – pleasant and caring. Thumbs up :)"

Beth, 4/30/14

“I had a very positive experience last Sunday – after a dog bite that needed a tetanus shot and antibiotic.  After a 5 minute wait & a few more getting vitals taken I saw a very pleasant Md. Would definitely return & recommend AFC ."

Joan, 4/18/14

“Everything was great – no suggestions for improvement. Would go back if necessary."

Jackie, 2/17/2014

“I was very pleased with my experience at AFC .  I have never been to an urgent care center before and I expected to just sit in a waiting room crammed with patients.  My wait time was short and the doctor saw me rather quickly.  Everyone was pleasant.  I went to the center because I had somehow injured my shoulder."

Diane, 1/24/2014

“I loved my experience here!  I was more than impressed by the cleanliness and how new and state of the art everything is….the waiting area was very nice with coffee and water available that wasn’t anything I’d steer clear of lol. I loved the doc I saw, I forget her name but I asked her to be my PCP, haha.  I thought she was very caring and seemed to be very knowledgeable unlike other clinics I’ve been to.  I returned a second time, I recommend them all the time and I will most definitely come back again!!!"

Andrea, 11/13/2013

“I had a wonderful experience at AFC in Braintree.  I filled out all the necessary paperwork, barely had a wait time, and quickly saw the doctor.  She was extremely efficient in my diagnosis and I was out of the office and had my prescription in no time.  I have honestly never been to a doctor’s office anywhere and been diagnosed and discharged that quickly.  If I’m in need of urgent care in the future, I will certainly return to this location.  Thank you!"

Grace, 10/26/2013

“This was my second time at this location.  The first was for me (bruised ribs) and the second for my 11 year old daughter who sprained her wrist. Both times our visits were exceptional. Staff/Physicians were friendly knowledgeable and efficient. Dr. Jackson was great with my daughter, put her completely at ease. I love this place! Sure beats a $150 co-pay at the ED with a 5 hour wait!"

Lucille, 10/22/2013

“I am filling this out for my 90 year old aunt from NY. She arrived for her visit to my Randolph house coughing, and soon needed to visit a doctor on July 4! She was diagnosed with bronchitis and the beginning of pneumonia, and was prescribed meds. We returned 2 days later for a review of her progress. The treatment prescribed by your doctors worked well, and she was able to take the train back to NY on Monday. Everyone at AFC in Braintree, MA was wonderful. We worked with doctors, nurses, and assistants, and they were all caring and skilled. Thank you so much."

Theda, 7/9/2013