When should Patients Expect the COVID-19 vaccine?

February 5, 2021


Researchers working for pharmaceutical companies are racing against the clock to develop a safe and effective vaccine that can eradicate the novel Coronavirus in the US. Currently,  two popular COVID vaccines are available. However, many other vaccines are still under development. The vaccines help teach the immune system to fight the virus by developing antibodies. While there are a few side effects of the virus, they generally subside in a few days.

Numerous rumors surround the new vaccines, and skeptics are spreading fake news and misinformation all over social media. Hence, it is essential to check the news sources before believing any news regarding the vaccine. However, you should ignore all these myths. To verify the information, contact the urgent care center near you.

How Government will regulate COVID with Vaccines

AS there are few safe and effective vaccines as of yet, and cases are rapidly increasing, the US government is controlling which groups will receive it first. That is why the Government is supplying the vaccine for emergency use only. This raises various questions about when patients will get the vaccine and what other groups will receive it first.

Who will receive the COVID Vaccine

Currently, healthcare officials have formulated a vaccination process keeping the following goals in mind:

  • Preserving society and keeping it functioning
  • Reducing the death rate and saving serious patients
  • Reducing the burden of COVID-19’s effects

By keeping in mind all the above reasons, the Government will probably decide to immunize health care workers from the virus. This allows them to participate more in medical emergencies and handle critical cases without any risk of exposure to COVID-19. Furthermore, the Government will also preserve frontline workers, such as emergency responders, teachers, and other important professionals. Once all these professionals undergo vaccination, patients older than 65 and the patients with critical conditions will receive it.

Once the approved and tested vaccines are available in the market in abundant quantity, the Government will permit vaccinations for patients under the age of 65. This is possible until the spring of 2021, according to estimations by public health officials. Before that, you need to maintain the Government’s social distancing protocol and wear safety kits such as masks and gloves. If you have further questions about the vaccine and the virus, you can contact urgent care and seek their help for any emergency.


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