What Do I Need to Know About X-rays?

May 19, 2021

Generally, X-rays certainly aren’t something that any of us want to get as they can be inconvenient and expensive, but they are one of the greatest tools we have to check up on the well-being of our bodies. If you haven’t had an X-ray before, what should you know about them? Our AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN team provides some helpful info below, so read on! What Are X-Rays? X-rays are a type ...

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Should I Be Worried If I Have a Kidney Infection?

May 6, 2021

Although UTIs and bladder infections by themselves aren’t generally serious, they can turn into kidney infections, which can cause serious medical complications when not treated promptly. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN shares some more helpful info on kidney infections below, so keep reading! How Do I Know If I Have a Kidney Infection? Kidney infections most often result from an infection in your urinary tract that spreads to one or both ...

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