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Tick Bites Treatment

Tick Bites Treatment in West Chester, PA

AFC Urgent Care Center provides experienced medical professionals who can diagnose and treat children and adults for tick bites and Lyme Disease.

Ticks are a common pest for those living in rural areas. Living outdoors, these small, brown insects will bite adults and children. The bite itself is irritating and sometimes painful. They can also transmit various bacteria and viruses to humans and animals.

While the idea of ticks may put you off from spending time outdoors, you can prevent and protect your family from tick bites. This, in turn, means that you can protect them from serious illnesses such as Lyme Disease, known to be caused by ticks.

Our team of medical experts here at AFC Urgent Care West Chester has experience in tick bites. They understand tick-related dangers and can safely identify and remove tick bites.

We have put together this guide to help you prevent tick bites and understand what you should do if you think this pest has bitten you or a family member.

Where do ticks live?

Ticks are outdoor pests. They are usually found in moist areas. They particularly like shrubs, piles of leaves, and tall grass, so be careful when walking through these areas when out and about.

Preventing tick bites

The best way of preventing tick bites is to stay away from areas where they like to live. However, this is not always possible. If you are worried about the possibility of you or your family being bitten by ticks, we recommend that you coat your clothing and shoes with permethrin. This will kill any ticks that come in contact with it.

Repellents that contain DEET are also helpful to spray on any exposed areas of skin.

Once you get home, you should check yourself in the mirror to ensure you do not have ticks on you. Showering when you get home is also a good idea, just to make sure.

Checking for ticks

Checking for ticks is not difficult, although it is essential to be thorough when you do it. The first thing to do is check over your clothes, then check your body. This should include areas such as your hair and your underarms, as ticks may be found hiding away in these particular areas.

I think I have been bitten by a tick, what shall I do?

While finding a tick on you can be a concern, you should try not to panic. It is incredibly important that you take off the tick completely and carefully. This should be done with tweezers and a slow, gentle twisting motion.

If you do not think you can take off the tick, seeking medical advice is always a good idea. Leaving the head of the tick in your skin can lead to illnesses and infections.

You should make sure that you watch out for any rashes that develop at the site of the bite, as this can be a sign that something is not right.

It is always a good idea to be checked over by our physicians after being bitten by a tick. At AFC Urgent Care West Chester, we provide a walk-in service that requires no appointments. We are experts in tick bites, and we can not only check you over, but we can also give you a range of advice on protecting yourself.

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