Celebrating Men's Health Month with Checkups: Here For You, Man!

June 4, 2024

Men's Health Month - Addressing Health Concerns and Unintentional Injuries in Southington

Despite the progress in medical services and technology, men are still less likely to seek healthcare than women. Many men skip regular checkups and screenings, making them more susceptible to age-related health problems. At AFC Urgent Care Southington, we aim to change this by providing thorough checkups tailored to men's specific health needs. By visiting our center any day of the week, you can take proactive steps to prevent many health issues through routine checkups.

AFC Urgent Care Southington has created a helpful guide to help you further understand the importance of men’s health and the importance of a checkup.

Common Age-Related Health Issues in Men

One major concern is cancer, particularly prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer among American men after skin cancer. Testicular cancer is also significant, especially among men aged 15-34. Regular doctor visits and self-examinations are crucial for early detection of these cancers.

Men are also prone to other health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and mental health disorders. These conditions often develop silently but can become life-threatening if left untreated.

For example, many men are unaware of their risk for diabetes. It's crucial to seek medical attention if you experience symptoms like excessive thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, or tingling and numbness in your extremities.

Addressing Workplace Injuries: A Key Aspect of Men's Health

Workplace injuries are another significant health concern for men. We have seen an increase in men seeking workers' compensation services, X-rays, and treatment for sprains and fractures at our urgent care center. This is often due to the nature of their jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, men are more likely to experience workplace injuries and illnesses. It's essential for men to prioritize safety, use protective gear, and avoid unnecessary risks at work.

Time for a Checkup? Visit Us AFC Urgent Care Southington Today!

AFC Urgent Care Southington is dedicated to addressing men's health issues and providing preventive care for the conditions mentioned above. From head to toe, we offer checkups for diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more. Our services also include workers' compensation and occupational health services, state-of-the-art X-rays, and treatment for cuts and sprains.

We strive to eliminate the barriers that prevent men from seeking healthcare. Our center welcomes walk-ins any day of the week, ensuring you have convenient access to the care you need. You can also schedule an appointment through our online booking system to fit your busy schedule. We offer the convenience of online payment, making the check-in and check-out process quick and easy. We also accept most insurances!

Take control of your health this Men's Health Month by scheduling a comprehensive checkup at AFC Urgent Care Southington. Your well-being is our priority!

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