When Should I Go To Urgent Care For a Fever?

November 28, 2023

Our body has an excellent defense mechanism to fight illnesses and diseases. Our immune system acts as a shield to eradicate many different types of infections. In the winter, we’re at a higher risk for falling ill. These different illnesses can often cause a fever. The degree of fever varies in children and adults, and over-the-counter medicine may not be enough to fully treat the infection. In this blog, we’ll explain when it might be necessary to seek medical attention at an urgent care facility for a fever.

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Fever in Infants and Children

When an infant of three months or older has a high-grade fever, it’s recommended to seek immediate treatment at the emergency room instead of waiting for it to go down on its own. Children between three and twelve years old with fevers of 102°F or higher should also be taken to a healthcare provider. Constant high fever can be an indication of a serious illness that should be professionally evaluated and treated.

Along with fever, symptoms that prompt medical attention in children include:

  • Shivering and Shaking
  • Non-stop crying
  • Refusal or inability to drink enough fluids
  • Signs of dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • Regular Complaints of Different Types of Pains

If your child shows different signs like seizures, blood-colored spots on the skin, difficulty in breathing, or issues in swallowing fluid and solids, then head towards the emergency room without wasting another second. 

Fever in Adults

When an adult’s temperature exceeds 103 F, lasts more than three to 5 days, and does not lower even after taking the usual medicines, visit urgent care. In the case of an adult, seek medical help when any signs of respiratory infection appear. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and seek medical attention for any abnormal symptoms. When you have a fever and go to an urgent care center, it’s a good idea to tell your provider about the duration of your symptoms and if you have been exposed to any viruses.

Tell your provider about when your fever began, the duration of your fever, any other symptoms you have experienced, any medication you’ve been on, your immunization and medical history, as well as recent exposures to anyone you know that has been sick. This information can help your provider determine the underlying cause of your illness.

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