The Benefits of Getting an STD Test at an Urgent Care vs a Traditional Doctor's Office

April 15, 2023

While many people take care of their health by getting themselves regularly checked and tested, most people stay unaware of the deadly and serious ailments and diseases they might be carrying. Some diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases, must be detected and treated promptly.

STDs are extremely common and unrecognized diseases; it needs proper attention and immediate action to be treated on time. Here is all you need to know about getting an STD test and which is most appropriate for it, urgent care or a traditional doctor's office.

Benefits of Getting an STD Test

The prevalence of STDs is probably far higher than you might imagine. In actuality, more than 20 million new STD cases are reported annually. Around a third of all Americans, or 110 million, are estimated to have STDs. It is made worse because many STDs go years without showing any symptoms.

An STD could affect almost everyone. Testing is the most effective way to stop the spread of an STD screening and take the best possible care of your sexual health; you must visit either urgent care or a traditional doctor's office. Preventive care, wellness practices, and health awareness are all that everyone needs, whether they have an STD or not.

One should get tested at least once even if they don't think they have an STD or are in a monogamous relationship. But how can you choose between urgent care or a traditional doctor's office? The following details will help you make the right decision.

Urgent Care vs a Traditional Doctor's Office

Urgent care facilities are suitable if you cannot reach your doctor immediately or require care after regular business hours. They are a much safer option to treat straightforward diseases like the common cold, the flu, ear infections, and skin disorders. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants staff them. With on-site doctors, urgent care facilities can treat various ailments and even administer tests and x-rays for crucial situations.

The expense of going to an urgent care facility is typically much lower than going to a traditional doctor's office. However, it's always a good idea to ensure your insurance plan covers your chosen facility. In addition to catering to many insurance plans, urgent care facilities are ideal if you run short of time or can't manage a visit during traditional working hours.

Whereas, for non-emergency situations, you should always contact your primary healthcare physician first. The reason that your doctor is familiar with your medical history, current medications, and potential chronic diseases is extremely helpful to consider throughout the therapy. Your doctor can send you to a specialist or another medical practitioner even if they are not available or qualified to provide the care you require.


Whether one experiences symptoms or not, getting an STD test done should be mandatory for every person to avoid affecting those around you. An urgent care facility is the best option to get an STD test done due to the 24/7 services, professional help available, affordable charges, and covered insurance. Or if you have a reliable doctor tracking your medical history for some time, visiting a traditional doctor's office could be the right option.


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