June is Men's Health Month

June 12, 2017

For many, June signifies the end of a long school year, graduation parties and let us not forget Father’s Day! Given so much to celebrate it is easy for us to forget that June also marks Men’s Health Awareness month.  A significant reminder that men of all ages should be cognizant of their overall health and well- being and is a good time to get a medical checkup.
The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to increase the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys of all ages.  Many men take better care of their cars than they do their bodies, and just like an oil change prolongs the life of a car, a visit to a physician may be all a man needs to live a longer, healthier life.
AFC Urgent Care is celebrating Men’s Health Month by making our male patients aware of preventative services we offer at our center:
Annual Physicals - Annual visits to a physician establishes a baseline of your personal health against which your doctor can detect unhealthy trends before they become risk factors.  We offer a number of physicals from DOT physicals to pre-employment, and more!
Blood Work- An annual blood screening is a key component in preventing certain illnesses and a key component to your cardiovascular health.  Our center provides routine blood work testing and screenings when you are not feeling your best.
Rapid testing – Whether it’s the flu, or something else, getting tested helps prevent the spread of illness. We offer rapid testing to help identify what is making you sick. As part of our rapid testing portfolio, we offer influenza, strep throat, HIV and other STDs testing and examinations.   As with many illnesses, symptoms may not present immediately, and when you visit us, our medical professionals will go over treatment options and provide information on how to get you back to a better you quicker.
Vaccinations – We offer a number of vaccinations to prevent certain diseases and protects against major strains of viruses such as influenza (the flu), hepatitis, tetanus, and more.  Our on-site lab enables us to quickly administer or update any necessary vaccinations.
Allergy treatment – Don’t write off your seasonal allergy symptoms as cold symptoms.  We’re open seven days a week with extended hours to treat oncoming outbreaks and to treat symptoms such as your runny nose and itchy eyes.
We offer a wide range of walk-in medical services for our patients to ensure that they receive the highest quality medical care.  For more information about the services we provide, please call to speak with us at 908-222-3500.

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