Going Home For the Holidays? Avoid Getting Sick During Your Trip

December 19, 2017

holiday travelThe holiday season is all about spreading love, cheer, and good will. An important part of that is  spending time with family. If you have relocated or live far away from your loved ones, you’re more than likely going home for the holidays.
Getting sick is a part of everyday life. Being on the road during holiday season doesn’t exempt you from that.  Traveling itself exposes you to a plethora of germ-filled environments from the plane, train, bus, or even the gas station if you’re on a road trip.
The key to minimizing your chances of getting sick while traveling is to combat your risk factors of getting sick in the first place.  Here are a few things you can do to prevent getting sick while traveling.
Carry Your Own Medical Kit
When packing for your trip, be sure to include basic first-aid items such as over-the-counter pain killers, cold medicine, cortisone, and bandages in your luggage for those just-in-case moments.
Get Vaccinated
Prior to your trip, visit a travel clinic like AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield to get medicine and vaccinations that will aid against malaria, altitude or motion sickness, insect bites, and more.  Be sure to get vaccinated for influenza if you’re traveling during flu season.
Wash Your Hands
Hand hygiene is essential to stop the spread of infections and illnesses.  After being exposed to germs in public areas such as the airport, bus, or train terminals, wash your hands as soon as you get a chance.  Have hand sanitizer readily available for times when a bathroom isn’t accessible.
Stay Hydrated
We all know how important it is to drink water, as it helps maintain your body fluids, body functions, and temperature.  Being dehydrated makes you more vulnerable to fatigue or getting sick. Be sure to keep a water bottle handy for when you start to feel parched.
Get Proper Rest
Ever notice that when you’re super tired, you get sick all of a sudden?  Sleep is the most effective weapon when it comes to warding off colds and infections.  It can be difficult to get in some ZZZs when you’re trying to catch up with relatives and friends but be sure to call it quits for the night when you’re especially tired.
If you plan on traveling this holiday season, or if you happen to get sick while you’re home for the holidays, be sure to visit AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield.  
We provide travel medicine, vaccinations, and treatment of travel-related conditions such as

  • Anti-malarial 
  • Motion Sickness
  • Altitude Sickness
  • Diarrhea

For more information about our travel medicine program, please call to speak with one of our medical professionals at 908-222-3500.

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