3 Things to Do Before Your Vacation

July 18, 2017

Summer has officially started, which means it’s time to get ready for your summer vacation!  Before you start packing your bags and planning your itinerary, make sure you and your family’s health is in check before you hit the road or board a plane.  
Traveling outside of your normal environment exposes you to all sorts of different bacteria and illnesses, which could cause your travel experience to be less than enjoyable, especially if you get sick.  From chills and fever to itchy skin irritations and stomach aches, no one wants to spend their vacation sick or sitting in a doctor’s office, when they could be out on an adventure. Most travel-related illnesses and accidents are minor, but some can be serious. Travelers should research the potential health risks that they may encounter and prepare themselves prior to leaving home.
Here are three things you should do to prepare for a healthy holiday.
Pack a first-aid kit
Accidents can happen at any moment, which is why you should make sure you have a first-aid kit. Items like bandages, antibacterial creams, over-the-counter painkillers and antacids are some examples of what to include in your kit. If you are taking preventative prescription medications, it is recommended to make sure you have enough medication to get you through your vacation and a little beyond, in the event your trip is extended.
Have a medical checkup
Make sure any activity on your itinerary won’t put your health at risk by having it cleared by a physician prior to your trip.  This includes making sure you don’t have any underlying health conditions that could raise a potential medical concern during your trip.
Update your vaccinations
If traveling outside of the United States, some countries require you to have specific vaccinations prior to entering the country.  As some vaccinations are not readily available or may take a few weeks to become effective, it is recommended that you plan to receive your vaccinations six to eight weeks prior to leaving for your destination.
If you are unsure of which vaccinations are required and/or recommended, our physicians at AFC Urgent Care South Plainfield, can help answer your questions and better prepare you for your upcoming trip.  Our center offers travel medicine and vaccinations seven days a week with extended office hours to serve your busy schedule.
Our travel medicine program includes vaccinations for:

  • Hepatitis
  • Typhoid
  • Malaria
  • Yellow Fever

While we recommend visiting our centers a few weeks prior to your trip, we also accommodate last minute travelers, as well.  Our physicians will advise you on which vaccines are suitable for you depending on your medical history, age, destination, length of stay, and season in which you are traveling. For more information, please contact us at 908-222-3500.

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