Why Your Child Needs a Camp Physical

June 10, 2021


Summer camps are a great way for your child to receive exercise while they aren’t in school. Summer camps help kids make friends, teach them additional skills they don’t learn in school and allow them to get their heart pumping more than they would on a normal school day. AFC Urgent Care Short Hills provides comprehensive sport and camp physicals on a walk-in basis. Visit us today to have your child receive theirs.

Learn more about the other physical exams we provide to our patients. Take care of your whole family at AFC Urgent Care Short Hills with both DOT physicals and pre-employment physicals.

Why are physical exams required?

Physical exams are designed to help keep patients safe depending on what the physical exam is for. Sport and camp physicals are meant to keep all children safe throughout their summer activities. Camps often include activities in the hot sun, hiking through wooded areas, and swimming in pools or lakes. Physical exams can help determine whether your child will be safe and healthy while participating in these activities.

Strenuous exercise can cause stress on the muscles and joints that your child’s body may not be used to. Physical exams can help determine whether or not particular activities will result in injuries.

What is included in a camp physical?

We want to ensure the safety and health of your child, so our physical exams are comprehensive. Most exams will include:

  • A review of family medical history
  • Checking their heart, lungs, ears, nose, and throat
  • Recording their height and weight, as well as their blood pressure
  • Checking their vision
  • Examining all joints to test for strength and flexibility
  • Completing necessary forms required by camps

It’s recommended that all children receive vaccines, including tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and diphtheria. This helps to prevent the spread of these diseases that are nearly eradicated from the United States. Certain activities at day camps and sleeping bunks at sleepaway camps will result in close contact with other children, leaving the chance of spreading and contracting illnesses high.

Does AFC Short Hills provide physical exams?

Between regularly scheduled activities such as dance class or soccer practice, it can be challenging to schedule a time with your child’s pediatric physician that is convenient. That is why AFC Urgent Care Short Hills allows patients on a walk-in basis and convenient, extended hours. Our sport and camp physicals will be conducted by board-certified providers, giving your child high-quality care. Give us a call today for more information at 973-671-5350.


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