Strep Throat vs. Mono

February 23, 2022

Strep throat and mono symptoms are alike, so it is quite common for people to mistake strep throat remedies for mono. It would be wrong for you to use antibiotics for mononucleosis rather than strep. What are the causes of both?

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What Causes Strep?

The bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes, sometimes known as group A streptococcus, cause strep throat by infecting the throat and tonsils.

The bacteria is highly contagious and can be contracted from droplets of coughs and sneezes in the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It could also be contacted when someone comes in contact with items touched by an infected person.

What Causes Mono?

Mononucleosis, also known as mono, on the other hand, is mainly caused by a virus, although other viruses may establish similar symptoms. This virus is known as the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). This highly contagious virus is mainly spread through body fluids such as saliva.

A person could get mono from kissing, sharing drinks, and other interactions with the possibility of exposure to the saliva of an infected person.

Symptoms of Strep Throat

Symptoms of strep throat depend on how serious it is. However, symptoms develop within five days of exposure to the bacteria.

Mild symptoms could include a mere sore throat, experiencing chills, or loss of appetite. More serious symptoms for strep throat could include a sudden high fever, difficulty swallowing, an irritated throat with white patches, and even a swollen lymph gland on your neck.

Although uncommon, infected persons may experience a rash. These rashes start as red areas on the skin and develop into bumps. But they also go away in about seven days. It is called Scarlet fever rash, but it is a less common symptom of strep throat.

Symptoms of Mono

Symptoms of mono-infection usually take longer to materialize, normally some four to six weeks after exposure to EBV.

Symptoms usually include exhaustion, fever, body pains, headache, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in the armpits and the neck, rash, and a swollen liver. Sometimes, symptoms may also include a swollen spleen and, at other times, both a swollen liver and a swollen spleen.

Although both infections can result in sore throat, mononucleosis will make a person feel exhausted, as exhaustion is not a symptom of strep throat. While strep throat will usually lead to enlarged tonsils and the probability of red or white patches in the person's throat.

How to Treat Strep Throat

The usual treatment for strep sore throat is the prescription of an antibiotic. This is because antibiotics impede the spread and development of bacteria and infections in the body. Antibiotics usually prescribed include Amoxicillin, Penicillin, and Azithromycin.

The prescription will ultimately depend on how resistant the strep bacteria in the particular region to specific antibiotics. It would be wise to finish the medication to hinder the development and resistance of the bacteria.

How to Treat Mono

So far, there are no protective vaccines for mono. But you can relieve mono symptoms by staying hydrated, resting, and using normal pain reliever medications. Usually, medical care experts may prescribe treatment for specific organs. Also, avoid interactions that involve coming in contact with the bodily fluid of an infected person.

Avoid strenuous sport so as not to rupture the already enlarged spleen.

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