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April 9, 2021


There are a variety of occupational health services available at AFC Urgent Care Short Hills. Occupational health is necessary for all businesses to function. Our center provides integrated programs to help all employers and their employees stay safe and healthy while at work. From drug screenings to physical exams to vaccinations, AFC Urgent Care Short Hills is there to help prioritize your employee’s health. Call or visit our center today to get more information on how we can help your business.

DOT Physicals

In order to receive or maintain your commercial driver’s license (CDL), there are certain tests one needs to pass every few years. Certain primary care physicians are able to conduct DOT physicals as long as they are certified and registered by the FMCSA. At AFC Short Hills, we have doctors on staff who are certified, so you do not need to make an appointment with your primary care physician. Be sure to call ahead before visiting to ensure our certified physicians are on staff that day.

DOT Physicals include:

  • Testing blood pressure
  • Vision tests
  • Neurological examination
  • Abdominal abnormalities
  • Additional tests are services

Pre-Employment Physicals

Certain jobs may require strenuous activity in order to complete daily activities. In this case, employers may require pre-employment physicals to ensure their workers can safely complete their tasks. While they may be used before beginning a job, they may also be utilized throughout a certain job to lower the risk of injury. Additionally, pre-employment physicals can also be used after an employee is injured to see if they are ready to get back to work.

Workers Compensation

Of course, accidents do happen, and employees may get hurt. AFC Short Hills provides workers’ compensation programs to help ease communication between the employee and their employer and help treat all injuries sustained. We also provide x-rays and lab testing to safely treat all broken bones or skin rashes. Common treatable injuries may include:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Burns
  • Dislocated joints
  • Cuts the require stitches

Our team will help keep employers informed on the status of employees throughout the program. This helps keep proper communication and confidentiality for the employee.

More Occupational Health Services at AFC Urgent Care Short Hills

AFC Urgent Care Short Hills provides more resources than those mentioned above. Be sure to call our center for complete information on all of our employer services. We are conveniently located at 704 Morris Tpke and can be reached at 973-671-5350.


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