Everything to Know about the COVID Booster

April 5, 2022

The COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective way to prevent any serious symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. It’s critical for everyone to get vaccinated to help stop the spread and put an end to this pandemic once and for all. As time goes on, the vaccine loses its effectiveness the same way the flu shot does. Receiving a booster will help keep you protected for longer. 

AFC Urgent Care Short Hills provides COVID-19 vaccines to all patients. If you’re in need of your booster shot, we provide those as well. Visit our center today to receive your COVID vaccine.

Why Do I Need a Booster?

After receiving one or two dosages of the COVID vaccine, you are set with protection from COVID for a while. However, after a few months, these vaccines lose their effectiveness. Receiving a booster shot gives your immune system a supercharge of protection. 

Depending on the original vaccine you received will determine the time you should get your booster. The Pfizer vaccine is 91% effective for up to four months and then drops to 77%. Moderna is 92% effective for up to five months after receiving your second dose. 

When Should I Get Boosted?

It’s recommended for all fully vaccinated adults to receive either the Pfizer or Moderna booster shots five months after their second dose or two months after their dose of Johnson & Johnson. Anyone aged 12-17 is only eligible for the Pfizer vaccine and booster at this time. 

Anyone with a weakened immune system or who is over the age of 50 should receive their booster shot four months after their initial dose. The same timeline applies to anyone who received Johnson & Johnson as their first dose. 

For Anyone with a Weakened Immune System

Anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy, has had an organ transplant, has advanced or untreated HIV, or who is taking medications that impact the immune system should plan to receive their COVID vaccine and two boosters.

In order to receive the most amount of protection, anyone with a weakened immune system should get their first booster about 3 months after their second dose. The second booster would be around 4 months. Talk to a medical professional at AFC Short Hills for any questions regarding your COVID vaccine timeline. 

What Else Should I Know?

Scientists and researchers have found that the vaccine efficacy decreases over time, and the antibodies your body has created from it will also decrease. This leaves you more susceptible to a severe case of COVID. Booster shots increase your antibodies by 10 times. 

Visit AFC Urgent Care Short Hills today for your COVID vaccine and booster.

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