Thanksgiving Health And Safety Checklist During COVID-19

November 16, 2020

Are you all ready for another COVID-19 restricted holiday?

Thanksgiving is supposed to be the one holiday out of the year where we all stuff our faces and relax with family while being thankful for everyone. But, how are we supposed to do all of that with COVID-19 still very present? This is a common question we’ve been hearing this past week especially with the recent restrictions in Connecticut. There has been an increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations lately, and CT Governor Lamont has put us back into Phase 2 guidelines.

Although it may not seem like we’re in Phase 2, we can’t drop our guards when it comes to COVID-19 health and safety. AFC Urgent Care New Britain is here to help with a Thanksgiving health and safety checklist to follow during COVID-19.

Where to travel this thanksgiving may be an issue

The COVID-19 virus knows no borders.

Cases are rising in other parts of the U.S and traveling to see friends and families may not be the best idea right now. If you do plan on traveling, we suggest getting tested before you go. It is also a good idea to quarantine before you go and after coming back from your destination. You should check out our list of red zone states that have travel restrictions. And, just so you know, there are over 40 locations in the U.S that are considered red zones with high cases of COVID-19.  

Continue holiday health and safety guidance for Thanksgiving

There isn’t much of a change to the usual health and safety guidance the CDC or the DPH recommends for us when protecting against COVID-19. With that being said, we should continue to apply the same holiday guidance, by wearing a mask that covers our mouth and noses. We should also hold each other accountable for keeping a social distance and washing and sanitizing our hands, and keep the air flowing. Open windows and bundle up!

What everyone in Connecticut should know about guidance for hosting or attending gatherings is that there’s a limit for no more than 10 people. Restaurants are also at 50% capacity so plan accordingly and don’t go to events or gatherings with more than the restricted amount.

Add a flu shot to your health and safety checklist

Flu season is in full effect and protecting against the flu with a flu shot will help keep you safe this winter. It will also help protect those around you that are immunocompromised. Attending a Thanksgiving feast with family members that are older, pregnant or have weaker immune systems are vulnerable against the flu. Help them, and YOU, avoid the “Twindemic” by getting a flu vaccine. They have enough to worry about with COVID-19 around.

AFC Urgent Care can help test you for COVID-19 this Thanksgiving

The risk for COVID-19 this Thanksgiving is not knowing if you have it or not. You don’t want to bring it to the dinner table or come home with it either.

AFC Urgent Care New Britain can help test you for COVID-19. We offer rapid COVID-19 testing with results in 30 minutes by appointment only. We also offer regular standard COVID-19 testing with results available in 3 business days depending on lab capacity. And, if you need a flu vaccine we can give you one too! Plan ahead as with such high demand we have a limited number of rapid tests available. 

Our center is open 7 days a week and we are located on 135 E. Main St. You can always walk-in for X-rays, flu shots, sprains, wounds, food borne illnesses and other urgent care needs at any time. AFC Urgent Care in New Britain makes it convenient for our families and friends in the New Britain community to seek quality care and treatment from a brand they can trust.

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