Back To School Physicals For Elementary And College Students

August 16, 2021

August is the month to renew immunizations and to get an annual check up. Why? Because a back to school physical will help prepare your elementary and college students for potential health risks in the upcoming year. Afterall, we are no longer fully virtual.


This means our kids are going to be exposed to germs when going back to in-person classes. Whether your child is going away to school or is joining a sports team, a physical will be needed to ensure that they’re ready to play and well enough to get through another year of school.


AFC Urgent Care New Britain is here to navigate our friends and families through the process of back to school physicals for our elementary and college students.

Getting a physical is important for growth and development

Children and adolescents are two important age groups that need to build medical records. Getting a physical is important so that their growth and development are tracked and in the system. If your child has a health condition like asthma, or weight issues, this can be monitored in the system.


A physical can document all of this so that if your child needs medical attention, there is a record of this information and our medical professionals can proceed with treatment.


Your elementary school students might need vaccines during their physical

Depending on your recommended vaccine schedule, vaccines may be needed during your next physical. A vaccine helps build up your body’s natural immunity to a disease so that it can help prevent you from getting one and or spreading the disease.
By law all 50 states require vaccinations before enrollment unless certain exemptions are met. All schools want your kids to be safe and to prevent any disease that can spread to others. Common vaccine preventable diseases that schools may require are influenza, meningitis and hepatitis B.


Other disease preventable vaccinations that schools may require for back to school health forms are:


  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria
  • Pertussis


More vaccine preventable diseases required by schools can be found for each state when getting vaccinated.


If you are unsure of what immunizations are needed,  AFC Urgent Care New Britain can help vaccinate and answer any questions needed if your child is going to school in another state or country. 


College students need their immunizations too!


Check with the particular school’s Health Services dept’ he/she is attending to find out their immunization requirements; they are not always the same.  Usually the requirements are listed on their website.


But, the following are the most frequent vaccinations required by most colleges and universities:



Is the COVID-19 vaccine required for back to school?

According to the CDC, ages 12 and up are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.


Many colleges and universities are mandating the vaccine as a requirement to help reduce the spread and to protect others, and with the Delta variant on the rise, we suspect that these numbers will increase as we get closer to the fall.

Most of Connecticut’s colleges and universities are requiring the vaccine if you live on campus. If you are going abroad, take a look at this list of state to state colleges and universities mandating the COVID-19 vaccine.


It’s time to get a physical


If you’ve skipped the doctor’s visit last year, now is not the time. Going back to school in-person means going back to the doctor for a FULL physical.


At AFC Urgent Care New Britain you can walk right in for your immunizations and physicals today, no appointment necessary at any of our walk-in clinics. We are located at 135 East Main Street, New Britain CT 06051. We are open 7 days a week and ready to treat you. We accept most insurances.


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