Our AFC Personnel Is Different From Other Urgent Care Centers

July 20, 2022

Our AFC Personnel Is Different From Other Urgent Care Centers

Getting medical care from urgent care centers can be tricky. Sure, prices are lower, but does that mean that you’re sacrificing knowledge and expertise that you might otherwise find in the hospital system? Maybe at some centers, but that’s not the case with us!

We are proud to employ top-notch medical providers who have lots of experience and care deeply about their patients. Read on to learn more about our AFC Urgent Care Mooresville team.

  • Our default isn’t to send you through the hospital system when you need specialty care. Yes, the hospital system can almost always provide the care you need, but it also costs a fortune. Instead, when we can, our AFC team directs patients to local specialists, which typically results in the same high-quality care but usually at a better price. Plus, you don’t even have to wait a long time to get an appointment, since we have a good working relationship with all kinds of specialty providers in the area.
  • We always have an MD available virtually. Many urgent care centers don’t have an on-site doctor, which is also true of us. What sets us apart, however, is that you’ll always be able to speak to an MD when you have questions, even if it’s virtually.
  • Our staff turnover rate is low, and we promote from within. Our Medical Director and Co-Medical Director have been with AFC since the company began, which sets the precedent that our medical providers and staff believe deeply in the task at hand. We keep around talent and provide a quality environment for our medical providers, which leads to low turnover and a long-tenured staff. Because of this, you’ll become familiar with our medical providers, making it easier for you to feel comfortable while receiving the quality health care you deserve.
  • We care about local events as much as you do! Want to get your kids involved with local sports? We’ve got you covered! If you’re moreso into community events in the Mooresville area, we can point you in the right direction for that, too! We are passionate about being a resource that provides ways for our patients to connect with others outside of our AFC center.

When you need non-emergency care, don’t hesitate to visit us! Our AFC Urgent Care Mooresville center can provide the care your family needs.

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